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The following scenario is why you need an Phoenix car accident law firm to represent you in an Arizona uninsured motorist action: in this scenario you were just involved in a Phoenix car accident and you learn at the scene of your car accident that the other driver does not have any car insurance. What do you do? Do you take the person at their word? Or do you proceed to do an asset search to determine if they have assets to cover your car accident related injuries? You see this is the time when you need to speak with a Phoenix car accident lawyer to discover your options. Our Phoenix car accident lawyers will investigate the other driver to determine if anyone they live with has insurance that might cover you for this Phoenix car accident. Next, our Phoenix car accident lawyers will review your insurance policy to determine if there is any coverage provided by your own Arizona uninsured motorist (UIM) insurance policy. Moreover, if one of our injury lawyers determines that there is coverage, he will ascertain how much. On the other hand, if there is no coverage he will inquire why there is none. Our Phoenix car accident law firm has trained its car accident lawyers to determine if the appropriate safeguards were in place and all of the insurance company’s rules and the State of Arizona laws were followed, if it appears that you declined adding Arizona uninsured motorist coverage to your applicable car insurance policy.

Our Uninsured Motorist Law Practice:

Our Phoenix car accident lawyers are also capable of determining if the person who caused your Arizona car accident, has sufficient assets to compensate you. There are many reasons why someone might be driving in Phoenix without car insurance, but

UIM Insurance
We can help you with your uninsured motorist claim.

still has significant financial assets to compensate you. For instance, a person may be driving without insurance because their driver license may be suspended. Yet, they own a home and have savings that can make you whole. This Phoenix car accident law firm has worked with various private investigators in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Peoria and Glendale and is able to call upon their expertise if the matter warrants their involvement. We will take all steps to help you resolve your Arizona uninsured motorist action.

If you do have Arizona uninsured motorist (UIM) coverage, the individual policy will determine how to proceed. In most instances you would have to either demand arbitration against your car insurance company or file a law suit against your car insurer. Our Phoenix injury lawyers have handled such claims before, and have the experience and knowledge that you can count on in your first party claim against your insurance company regarding your Arizona uninsured motorist policy.

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Contacting a Phoenix car accident lawyer to receive legal counsel is the responsible thing to do, when the person who caused the Phoenix car accident does not have any form of car insurance. Schedule a meeting now, for your free consultation. If you were involved in a car accident in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Peoria and Glendale with someone who does not have insurance, your first call should be to this Phoenix car accident law firm. We may be able to help you resolve your Arizona uninsured motorist (UIM) claim.