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Texting While Driving In Arizona

Texting While Driving Is Very Reckless:

Studies have been conducted that clearly demonstrate that texting while driving in Phoenix is as dangerous, if not more, than driving while intoxicated. The amount of distraction is significant, and very few drivers can appreciate the risk they are taking. Too many people are unaware that looking at your smartphone while driving is like drinking two shots of vodka and stepping into your car to drive for a couple of hours. Our Phoenix car accident law firm can employ various legal tools to confirm that the person who hit you was using their cell phone at the time of the car accident. Our Phoenix, Arizona car accident personal injury lawyers immediately inquire if the other driver was on their cell phone at the time of the accident.

Texting while driving, takes a Phoenix driver’s eyes off the road. This distraction creates an avoidable hazard. A Phoenix car accident attorney, like any of the lawyers at our firm, can hire, if needed, a human factor expert to explain to the jury, arbitrator, or judge how texting played a role in your Phoenix car accident. What this expert does, is explains what the normal human reaction speed would be in various situations. Then the expert uses that data to determine if the accident could have been avoided, but for the defendant using their cell phone.

Phoenix Car Accident Injury Lawyers That Add Value:

These types of experts, that our firm retains, are very important for “he said, she said” accidents where there is no independent eyewitnesses that can corroborate either drivers’ account of the car accident. A car accident attorney is trained to use subpoenas texting car accidentto get the other driver’s cell phone records. These cell phone records, from the other driver’s cell phone provider, can be key in verifying that the driver was texting while driving, and thus most likely for causing yet another Phoenix car accident. We acknowledge that it is not against the law to be sending a text message in Phoenix; yet, juries and arbitrators frown on that type of behavior. Our Phoenix car accident injury lawyers know how to frame the issues in a manner that a jury or arbitrator are convinced that the other driver was acting in a manner that disregards other people’s safety.

Our car accident lawyers will investigate to determine if the message was related to work or if the driver was in the scope of their employment while using their smartphone. In Phoenix an employer can be held responsible for the actions of their employees. If you were hit by a teenager or early twenty-something, who might have minimal insurance coverage we can investigate to determine if the person they live with insurance would be applicable.

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If you were involved in a Phoenix area car accident and you believe the other driver was sending or reading text messages at the time of the car accident, please schedule a meeting with a Phoenix car accident attorney who values your time.

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