Running a Red Light

Running A Red Light Phoenix Car Accident

Were you involved in a Phoenix car accident where the other driver made the choice of running the red light? A Phoenix injury lawyer can help you receive fair compensation for your accident related injuries, because of the other driver’s careless choice of running a red light. Car accidents that result from someone running a red light has become more and more common in Phoenix and Arizona as a whole. More and more people are distracted by their cellphones and cannot appreciate their surroundings. If you were hit by someone who you suspect was sending a text message from their phone, which caused them to run a red light, we can help you confirm your belief. Our Phoenix injury lawyer understands that this might have to be explored by subpoenaing the other driver’s cellphone provider. Running a red light is a choice. The choice of other driver to pay attention to their text message instead of the light. The best Phoenix injury lawyers will order a light sequence report from the city of Phoenix or whatever city where your car accident took place. These reports can shed some light if it is more likely than not that the other driver ran the red light. If you hire our Phoenix car accident law firm this is something that we will do.

Running A Red Light Can Cause Serious Injuries

The injuries that can occur in a Phoenix car accident when someone runs a red light can be catastrophic, if not fatal. Car accidents that involve a driver who red light accident ran a red light are so destructive due to the amount of speed involved by both cars. Sometimes the person running the red light was intoxicated by either alcohol or drugs. In those instances, it is easy to determine if they were under the influence of any substance. Again, the best Phoenix car accident lawyers will obtain the other driver’s hospital records. When they go to the hospital, most likely a toxicology screen will be performed to help diagnose their injuries. Running a red light is a choice. A person decides to either drink booze or do drugs or they choose to be safe. Our Phoenix injury lawyer will aggressively seek this information.

There Are Many Reasons Why Someone Might Run A Red Light

On the other hand, the person could simply be distracted by a crying child, their issues, or simply spaced out. Sometimes running a red light happens just because they had a “brain fart.” It happens, that is why it is called an accident. This Phoenix injury law firm never losses sight of the fact that they are called call accidents for a reason. Yet, we will make sure that the other driver was not a drunk driver or was too busy texting.

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