Phoenix Uber and Lyft Accident Lawyer: Rideshare Injury

Phoenix Uber Accident Lawyer

Phoenix Uber and Lyft Accident Lawyer: Rideshare

Who Is Responsible When You Suffer A Personal Injury In a Phoenix Uber/Lyft Accident?

The business model that is allowing the “gig” economy to thrive is based on people using their own vehicles as taxis. The two major rideshare businesses are Uber and Lfyt. However, sometimes these individuals get into auto collisions. This can be upsetting to everyone involved. A Phoenix rideshare attorney knows that passengers are rarely at fault for these types of crashes. The Arizona law is clear that unless the passenger did something to distract the Uber driver or cause the Lfyt driver to crash, they have no responsibility for the crash. That is why it is important to contact experienced legal representation. If you were hit by an Uber or Lfyt driver while they were waiting to pick up a customer, you are going to have to make sure the rideshare app was on. Moreover, dealing with billion dollar companies like Uber and Lfyt is difficult to deal with. They have teams of experienced defense injury lawyers who can fight you tooth and nail on liability. A common defense tactic is to make plaintiff injury lawyers spend so much time fighting over who was the negligent driver, that they do not spend time on the injury presentation. When you hire the right Phoenix Uber and Lfyt Accident lawyer you can start to rest easy. 

GAMESQ, PLC’s Phoenix rideshare injury lawyer has the education, experience and energy to hold the responsible party to account for causing you harm. Call us at 623-233-4416 for a free no obligation consultation with a licensed attorney and not a paralegal or intake specialist.a

Phoenix Uber Accident Lawyer

How Do You File An Injury Claim Or Make A Report To Rideshare Company?

One good thing about the rideshare industry is they have a lot of insurance available to compensate people involved in an Arizona motor vehicle accident. In some instances, if you are traveling with a child who requires a car seat, you will be able to make a claim for property damage. In fact, if the crash is bad enough your clothing might be damaged at the hospital as you receive medical attention for your bodily injuries. Uber and Lfyt both have over a million dollars of insurance for every accident. This insurance coverage covers monetary damages, physical pain damages, almost every type of damages. The process can be a little complicated because you are going to have to make a claim on both the driver’s personal insurance and the rideshare company’s insurance. It is also important to have a Phoenix Uber and Lfyt accident lawyer review all of the policy information. These are what are considered commercial policies and you should have an Avondale personal injury lawyer review them to make sure you can receive maximum compensation. Some of the best Phoenix Uber and Lfyt Accident lawyers have worked for insurance companies. It is this training and legal experience that allows them to have first-hand knowledge of the claims process used by rideshare companies. They also know how Uber and Lfyt view the legal process. 

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An Experienced Rideshare Accident Lawyer Knows That Passengers Are Never At Fault For A Crash. 

Too many rideshare accident victims do not know their rights. That is why hiring a Phoenix Uber and Lfyt Accident lawyer is the prudent course of action. The first thing that must be done is you need to file your personal injury claim. Experienced injury lawyers understand the mechanics of a common injuries that happen during a rideshare crash. Obtaining quality representation, like Gamesq, PLC, a black owned Phoenix law firm, is the right move. Speaking with the wrong personal injury attorneys could harm your case. If they do not know what to look for on the police report your claim could lose value. The investigating officer is supposed to mark down if you experienced a bodily injury on their report. Moreover, you will need to obtain pictures of the rideshare vehicle to substantiate that someone could have been injured in this crash. You need a Phoenix Lyft accident lawyer who has experienced reviewing medical bills. Some law offices lack any knowledge of what being a rideshare accident attorney means in Phoenix, Arizona. Moreover, many lawyers are not friends with or have never represented rideshare drivers. 

The best Phoenix Lfyt and Uber accident attorneys know how to identify the at fault driver. They know how to make a rideshare accident claim. They must move fast to make sure you obtain all recoverable damages that are allowed under Arizona law. There is limited time to collect the relevant evidence that you will need to prove your case, that is why hiring a top car accident lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona is the right call. Plus, you should be focused on getting the medical care that you need. 

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Speak With A Lyft Accident Lawyer/Uber Accident Lawyer About Your Rideshare Accident To Find Out What Type Of Insurance Coverage Is Available. 

There are many types of damages one can experience as a result of being a rideshare passenger. Even rideshare drivers, who were injured by no-fault of their own, can have a claim against the negligent driver. Even though they are independent contractors Arizona law requires companies like Lfyt to act as their insurance company. In essence, Uber creates and funds insurance policies for all of their drivers when they are working. For the driver you can recover vehicle damage. GAMESQ, PLC knows that this is a difficult time for anyone who suffered a crash.  Call us now at 623-233-4416 to speak to a Phoenix Uber and Lfyt car accident lawyer for free!