Motorcycle Accident

Arizona Motorcycle Accidents:

Motorcycle Accidents Injuries Are Very Serious:

As a Phoenix motorcycle injury lawyers we know the sad truth: there are too many people driving in and around Phoenix who simply fail to see motorcycles. If you were involved in a motorcycle accident in Arizona, contact an experienced Arizona motorcycle accident injury lawyer. Our Phoenix car accident law firm, has the knowledge and experience to represent Phoenix’s motorcycle riders in personal injury lawsuits. Our motorcycle accident personal injury lawyers understand the severity of the injuries that a motorcycle accident can cause.

Unfortunately, the injuries caused by a motorcycle accident can be very traumatic and serious. More often than not, a Phoenix motorcycle rider has to take evasive maneuvers just avoid a collision with a SUV or car. In fact, it is not unheard of a motorcycle driver laying her bike down to avoid an accident, because the driver of the car did not see her. Thus, the motorcyclist is now injured and the driver of the mini-van is saying it was not their fault because no collision took place. A Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney can help you prove that, but for the negligence of the other driver, you would not have had to take evasive actions if the other person drove responsibly.

The Most Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries:

Bone Fractures:

Many times survivors of motorcycle accidents, have sustained bone fractures. A bone fracture can come in different forms: compound, simple, greenstick, transverse, oblique, etc. Each of these different types of fractures have different time tables for how long it takes for them to heal. Some of these fractures have to be set, and they will heal over time. In some cases surgery is required to properly set the bone. This is the type of information that our motorcycle accident injury lawyers know. Knowledge like this allows our motorcycle injury lawyers to better advocate on behalf our Arizona motorcycle accident clients. For more information about bone fractures click here to read an interesting article:

Head injuries:

Even if you were wearing a helmet, you can still sustain head trauma as a result of your motorcycle accident. For instance, you can still receive a concussion. A concussion is a minor traumatic brain injury. As we have seen from the NFL, a concussion can take a while to resolve. However, a concussion is the most minor type of head trauma you can receive in a motorcycle accident. You or your loved one can also have a serious traumatic brain injury, that can result in death or a coma. Our personal injury law firm has the resources to assist a motorcycle accident victim fight with the insurance company until they give them proper value.

Road Rash:

Road rash is what occurs when your body makes contact with the road. It is basically a severe abrasion. Road rash is very painful, and requires a process called debridement. Debridement involves scrubbing the skin to remove the damaged skin to promote the growth of healthy skin. Depending on the area affected by the road rash, can lead to permanent disfigurement. A Tempe motorcycle accident injury attorney, like those at our personal injury firm, knows how to properly evaluate these types of injuries.

How Our Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorneys Help Our Clients:

Our Tempe motorcycle accident law firm has worked with accident-reconstructionists to help demonstrate, to a Phoenix, judge, Phoenix Motorcycle Crashjury or arbitrator that our client’s version of how the accident took place was more probable than the other-side’s version. In certain Phoenix motorcycle accident lawsuits, it will be appropriate to employ such an expert. Moreover, the types of injuries that are sustained in motorcycle accidents can be life-changing. Some medical doctors do not want to get involved with any type of litigation. Therefore, a Phoenix motorcycle accident injury lawyer needs to be able to retain a medical expert to review all of your treating doctors/surgeons/physical therapist work and testify about it, without the expense of parading each and every medical provider through the court room. Our Phoenix car accident lawyers understand how devastating motorcycle injuries can be, and will never send you to a chiropractor when you need a lawyer. In fact, we will never attempt to dictate your medical treatment…we are lawyers not doctors.

Contact Experienced Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer:

Meeting with a Phoenix motorcycle accident injury attorney is the best way to protect and know your rights. Schedule a meeting with our firm now. You can meet in person, video conference over the internet using Skype, or a phone call. This is a free no obligation meeting. We can explain howArizona juries have reacted in the past to motorcycle cases and answer any of your questions.

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