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Phoenix Motorcycle Accident Injuries Are Entitled To Compensation:

As a Phoenix motorcycle Accident lawyer, Garrick knows the sad truth: there are too many people driving in and around Phoenix who simply fail to see motorcycles. If you were involved in a crash in Arizona, contact an experienced Phoenix motorcycle accident injury lawyer by calling 623-233-4416. 

Unfortunately, the injuries caused by a this type of crash can have long lasting effects. The losses one can cause emotional issues for you and your loved ones. Some Motorcycle riders have economic losses as a result of a collision. What a personal injury lawyer does is gathers the evidence and presents it to the insurance company to invoke insurance coverage on your behalf.

In fact, because the losses can be so extreme Garrick looks for additional coverage. He does this by conducting a detailed investigation of all applicable insurance coverage, not of just the at fault party whose negligence caused the crash, but of your own policy. This way we can make sure you or your loved one have the right medical coverage to start the healing process. Garrick will review your medical records and medical bills. He will use this to determine the value of the claim.

The type of legal representation that Garrick provides is centered around exploring your damages and collecting and presenting evidence of pain you or a loved one was made to suffer through. The vehicle that made an unsafe lane change in traffic or that collided with you or your loved one will have a team of Avondale attorneys defending them. This team of motorcycle accident attorneys have one goal: to stop you from getting a fair compensation award.

Phoenix personal Injury law firm

Motorcycle Crashes Are the Fault of the Negligence Of Someone Who Is Not Paying Attention:

Due to the fatal nature and the serve injuries that a motorcycle rider can sustain, they might not be able to tell their side of the story. They might not be able to recall what color the traffic signal was or what lane of traffic the other passenger vehicle was in. This makes accessing fault very difficult. Sometimes the police conduct an incomplete accident investigation, because they are too busy trying to clear the scene or get the victims medical attention for their catastrophic injuries.

That is why you need an experienced Phoenix motorcycle attorney to examine the condition of the property damage. Garrick investigates the road conditions to see if there were any dangerous roadway conditions that might have caused this crash. Even if you or your loved one was wearing the appropriate safety gear and had taken all additional safety courses, the driver negligence of the other party can still cause your evasive actions to be all for nothing.

GAMESQ, PLC’s process is to hire the right type of experts to make sure we can make sure we present the duty of care to the insurance company. This way we can start to get some fair treatment for your claim.

A Motorcycle Accident Claim Needs An Accident Attorney:

Even if you were wearing a helmet, you can still sustain head trauma as a result of your motorcycle accident. For instance, you can still receive a concussion. If this matter goes to trial a judge could use the doctrine of comparative fault to hold you 50% responsible for the traumatic brain injury you suffered. The legal team for the other side will argue Arizona Revised Statute 12-2505 Arizona’s comparative negligence statute. That is why you need an experienced traffic accident attorney like Garrick. He knows that helmets offer no protection if the crash took place over 35 miles per hour. This fact, presented by an expert, can eliminate any fault on your or your loved one’s part. This is a common misconception that helmets can protect people in all crashes.  Motorcycle drivers who are in collisions need to get valuable compensation for their various injuries. While you or your loved one is recovering from this trauma, hire the right law firm to do the work that you need done. Call Gamesq. Plc at 623-233-4416.
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The Insurance Company Has Its Team Of Motorcycle Accident Lawyers To Defend Their At-Fault Driver At Stop You From Getting Your Deserved Compensation.

Motorcycle drivers who are in collisions need to get valuable compensation. If it is a fatal motorcycle accident then your loved one must be presented as a complete person and not the way the insurance company will wants to tell their story. Garrick’s job is to get compensation for victims.  Once the driver who is at fault is determined and you can eliminate any percentage of fault arguments, the case becomes about damages. Gamesq, PLC’s legal representation to families is built on communication. From the start this law firm builds its case for trial. Garrick prides himself on being a trial attorney. He has conducted at least eight jury trials in Arizona. Moreover, Garrick is one of the few Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyers who has graduated from a top-20 law school (University of Southern California). He does not fear the other side’s team of lawyers. In fact, Garrick was a defense attorney for over 10 years and that decade of experience allowed him to know what Glendale accident law firms are afraid to go to trial. It is this fear that keeps attorneys from maximizing compensation for their client’s losses.
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Our Phoenix Personal Injuries Attorney Has the Capacity and Experience To Get You The Financial Compensation You Are Entitled To!

Our Phoenix motorcycle accident law firm has worked with accident-reconstructionists to help demonstrate, to a Phoenix, judge, jury or arbitrator that our client’s version of how the crash took place was more probable than the other-side’s version. In certain Phoenix motorcycle accident lawsuits, it will be appropriate to employ such an expert. Moreover, the types of injuries that are sustained in motorcycle accidents can be life-changing. Some medical doctors do not want to get involved with any type of litigation. Therefore, a Phoenix motorcycle accident injury lawyer needs to be able to retain a medical expert to review all of your treating doctors/surgeons/physical therapist work and testify about it, without the expense of parading each and every medical provider through the court room. Our Phoenix car accident lawyer understand how devastating these types of  injuries can be, and will never send you to a chiropractor when you need a doctor. In fact, we will never attempt to dictate your medical treatment…we are a law firm not a medical practice.

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