Fatal Car Crash

Your Loved One Was In A Fatal Car Crash, What Do You Do?

First, I am sorry for your loss. To lose someone in a fatal car crash is horrific. You need to reach out to a Phoenix car crash lawyer. I am going to tell you the five things that I will do to help you preserve your case and search for the truth of why your loved one died.

First: A Phoenix Car Crash Attorney Will Send Preservation Of Evidence Letters.

Time is of the essence to preserve all of the evidence that will be necessary to fully explain what happened in the fatal car accident. What this does is makes sure that the insurance company, the driver, and/or their employer does not destroy any of the log files, sells the car car or do anything else that would hurt the case. We want to know if the car had been properly maintained, if they were using their cell phone at the time, were they using controlled substances, was the crash caused because the other driver was drunk. Had they been driving for too long that day. We will send out letters that inform the other party not to destroy any evidence regarding this fatal Arizona car crash.

Phoenix Car Accident LawyerSecond: I Will Explain Options For Temporary Funding

Most households are two income families.  When one person in unable to work, that creates a tremendous strain on a family.  When a loved one dies, you lose that income, and that is the easiest thing to quantify. I can explain your options and introduce you to companies who will make a loan to you, at a low interest rate and small origination fee, that is secured by your claim in this case. These lenders do not get repaid, unless you receive anything from the case. I do not get a referral fee or any form of compensation from the lender. In fact, my preferred lender provides this service as a benefit to the community and does not see it as a way to get rich. On the other hand, knowing that you have options like this for your Phoenix fatal car crash is important.

Third: I Will Attempt To Secure All Insurance Proceeds.

As a Phoenix wrongful death attorney, I will seek to find all applicable insurance policies that will cover this loss. Sometimes there are employer death benefits, sometimes you might have your own underinsured or uninsured policy that will make a difference. I will see if the person who caused this fatal car crash has any homeowner’s insurance that applies or if they have an umbrella insurance policy. If there is adequate insurance available I will immediately begin to locate all policy information so that you can make an informed decision.

Fourth: I Will Tell You How Hard This Is Going To Be.

As a Phoenix car accident lawyer, I regret that money is the only thing that we have to compensate people for life-altering car accidents. Money will not repay the love, comfort and support that you lose when that person dies.  Imagine a daughter losing her father…she will lose a person who has the ability to be one of the greatest male role-models in her life.  Or even thinking of something as superficial yet significant…she will lose the person who would walk her down the aisle of her wedding…how does money address that type of loss?

What about the parents who lose their son in a fatal Phoenix car accident?  They will never be able to take their son to collegeFatal Car Accident or watch him serve his country.  They will not be able to tease him about his love life, or throw the ball with him.  When someone you love has been taken from you as a result of a car accident, money seems very petty.  Too be honest it seems like us lawyers want you to sue in order for us to line our pockets due to your grief.  Unfortunately, many Phoenix car accident attorneys push prospective clients very hard to file a lawsuit, because they see this as a meal ticket.

You will not get that from my law firm.  Instead, what you will get is straight-talk about what the process will be like, what to expect, and how brutally uncomfortable this type of lawsuit might be.  How you will be forced to answer questions about your loved one.  How your grieving will be viewed as greed.  In some cases the lawyer from the insurance company will inform you about things that you did not know about your loved one.  What we are saying when you pursue a wrongful death lawsuit in Phoenix, you can expect the insurance company to fight-tooth-and-nail to keep from having to fairly compensate the loved ones of a deceased Phoenix car accident victim. When you come to our office and we sit across you, we will arm you with all the information that you need to make a wise and informed choice.  We will not push you to file a lawsuit that will yield little and cause you more emotional harm.

Finally: I Act As A Buffer

As you are dealing with the aftermath of your loved one’s fatal car crash. You will want someone to be your shield. You will want someone who will go inspect the wreckage for you, so you do not have to deal with it. Someone who will deal with all of the family members. In Arizona, statutory heirs to a fatal car crash are the spouse, the parents and the children of that individual. Sometimes, families do not get-along and having someone to be your buffer is important. All fatal car crashes are different, but we know the insurance companies are going to start calling any everyone in-between. If you want to meet contact me now for a free no obligation meeting with an experienced Phoenix wrongful death attorney.