Arizona Underinsured Motorist Insurance

Arizona Underinsured Motorist Insurance

How an Arizona personal injury lawyer can help:

Were you recently involved in a Phoenix car accident with someone whose auto insurance policy is not sufficient to cover your losses? My Phoenix car accident law firm might be able to help, at the very least our car accident lawyers can explain to you what your options are. Furthermore, our car accident lawyers have experience filing Arizona underinsured motorist claims, which are also known as “UM” cases. The first thing that a Phoenix car accident lawyer must due is secure the policy information from the driver who caused your Arizona car accident. Then the injury lawyer must determine if anyone in that driver’s household may qualify to provide additional coverage. If someone in their household has additional insurance coverage, the injury attorney must

UM Insurance
Underinsured Motorist Coverage.

pursue that coverage. In the event that there is no additional insurance coverage to cover the other driver, your Phoenix car accident attorney must read your insurance policy to determine if you have the necessary Arizona underinsured motorist (UM) coverage, and if so how much. If it appears that you do not have underinsured motorist coverage available to cover your Arizona car accident injuries, a Phoenix car accident attorney needs to investigate why not. That is what our Phoenix car accident law firm does. We turn over every stone in order to find coverage for you.

Our injury attorneys will review Arizona underinsured motorist (UM) policy information and the safeguards to determine if all of those procedures were followed in compliance with Arizona law. Our Phoenix car accident lawyers might be able to determine if you have Arizona underinsured motorist (UM) coverage, during your free, no-hassle, consultation.

How Our Phoenix Car Accident Law Firm Adds Value:

We are experienced Phoenix car accident lawyers who are able to discover if the person who caused your Phoenix car accident has other assets that could be used to compensate you for your car accident injuries. Many so called “financial gurus” tell the public to take out the minimum state required insurance policies in order to save money. Accordingly, when they get involved in a car accident, they truly find out what horrible advice they received. Our Phoenix car accident lawyers, can advise you of your legal options if you wish to pursue the other driver beyond their insurance policy.

In Phoenix, Arizona underinsured motorist (UM) claims are governed by the individual insurance policy. An experienced Phoenix car accident lawyer, like the our injury lawyers, have handled these type of car accident claims before. We know how to deal with the insurance companies and their lawyers.

Our Phoenix car accident law firm offers a free, no obligation, consultation. Our injury lawyers will review the facts of your Phoenix car accident and provide you with their assessment of your case. Additionally, you can ask them any questions that you may have, and voice any concerns that you or your loved ones might have about the legal process. Please contact us now!  This Phoenix car accident law firm might be able to help you with your Arizona underinsured motorist claim.