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Experienced Trucking Accident Attorney Understands Arizona Personal Injury Law

While a Semi-Truck might be a larger motor vehicle, the form of a crash still is the same. The damages and the injuries can be greater, but an experienced personal injury lawyer, like Garrick McFadden, has spent his career reviewing different types of crashes. The ability to understand how many feet it takes for a vehicle to stop is some of the insights you get from when you have been doing this for a while. The ability to review a client’s medical expenses and medical records are how a lawyer brings value to a trucking claim. Looking to see if the truck driver was impaired by drugs or alcohol is something that can only be learned from handling these types of cases before. Inspecting the police report for improper actions that the semi-truck driver might have made is something that GAMESQ, PLC has done in the past. Not being afraid to go to trial or fearing the insurance company’s team of trucking lawyers is where this firm exceeds expectations. That is why hiring a qualified personal injury attorney is in your best interest. Contact our firm for a free no-obligation consultation

Phoenix Semi-Truck Accidents Lawyer Understands The Laws For Driving And Are The Likely Causes Of Tractor-Trailer Accidents

One likely cause of a semi truck crash is the failure to perform proper and timely maintenance on the vehicle. Normally, a commercial truck company has strict compliance and enforcement of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations. However, some of the smaller independent contractors have been known to skirt the rules. These drivers are usually smaller operations and are under pressure to deliver their cargo on time. It is this pressure that can cause corners to be cut. There are less checks and balances. The quality control is just not the same as that of large trucking companies that other commercial drivers are used to.
Phoenix trucking accident law firm

Commercial Truck Drivers Have A Team To Defend Them And Access To Some Of The Best Law Firms In The Country 

Semi-Trucks carry very large insurance policies that means they have lots of money to retain a team of lawyers to deprive you of the compensation you deserve. This is common in the trucking industry as a whole. A Phoenix truck accident can cause a spinal cord injury, brain injury, or even internal injuries. The sad fact is that most of these injuries that are caused from these types of incidents are labeled under the title of catastrophic injury. These are a type of permanent injuries and that is exactly like what it sounds: permanent. That is why it only makes since for insurance companies to fight tooth and nail to stop you from recovering all of your damages: property damages, emotional damages, and financial damages. These insurance defense lawyers come from the top law schools, in fact Garrick McFadden was a defense attorney for a number of years. He graduated from a top 20 law school. However, now he uses his top level education and experience for the people. 

How To Get Maximum Compensation For Your Truck Accident Injury Claims 

If you want to get the maximum compensation for your semi-truck crash claim you need to build your case for trial at the start. That means hiring a Phoenix semi-truck accident lawyer as soon as possible. Why? The lawyer needs to send preservation of evidence letters to make sure the maintenance records are not destroyed. You need to make sure you get the medical attention that you need. That means making sure you go to the right doctors for any severe injury you might have sustained. Having someone who is on your side reviewing your medical records looking for any signs of internal injuries and mitigating the effects of permanent injuries is key. You need someone who knows medical bills reviewing your bills to make sure they are accurate and reasonable for Maricopa County. This is how you can obtain fair compensation. 

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Driver Fatigue Can Cause A Commercial Truck Accident That Is Why You Need An Experienced Attorney

Phoenix personal injury lawyer knows how to represent you in a semi truck accident. If you were involved in a Phoenix semi crash please contact us now, in order for us to start the investigation. Semi drivers are required to keep logbooks , if they are long-haul drivers. It is important for your Phoenix semi crash lawyer to have ample opportunity to review that logbook to make sure that the driver had been complying appropriately with Federal regulations. For instance, one rule is that semi-trailer drivers can only drive a certain number of hours in a 24 hour period. If the driver of the semi-trailer that you were in a semi-truck accident with had been driving over the allotted amount an attorney can use that to prove wrong doing. These service regulations were created to protect the public from the life-altering and even fatal results of a semi truck crash. Drivers cannot operate their vehicle over a certain amount of consecutive hours. This is one of the first things an experienced truck accident law firm researches to build a claim for truck accident victims. Again, looking at the hours of service is a crucial evidence to find fault of a driver. In any type of vehicle, a drowsy driver can be a dangerous driver. It is this type of driver negligence that can cause fatal crashes. There are other semi-trailer laws that need to be explored, and our Phoenix injury lawyers have the knowledge and the know how to investigate your semi accident.

Garrick McFadden Is A Phoenix Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer Who Has The Training And Knows How To Obtain The Evidence You Need To Prove Your Damages. 

We know that insurance carriers are going to send a team to investigate any Arizona semi-truck accident. Even their legal team will conduct a scene investigation with their expert. They are going to try to shift blame from the fault party, their client, to you: the driver. They will argue that your monetary damages are too high, instead of the reckless driving of their truck driver is at blame. Unfortunately, some commercial truckers have received poor training and are not fit for the road. GAMESQ, PLC looks at a wide range of negligent actions that might have caused the crash. 

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Semi Trucks Can Cause Serious Injuries That Is Why You Speak To Lawyer About Your Case For Free. 

Phoenix personal injury law firm can hire an accident recon expert to investigate your Phoenix semi crash. The semi accident recon will receive every document that we have received to-date and then begin her own investigation. This way, we do not taint or bias the expert, which allows the expert to reach her own conclusion on how your Phoenix semi-trailer accident occurred. Then the expert will prepare a report, which we can use to demonstrate to the other side that they were responsible for this semi-trailer accident. Our Phoenix injury lawyer is skilled at eliciting testimony from our experts to testify on your behalf.

If you or a loved one was involved in a trucking accident with a semi truck give us a call: 480-486-2775. Our trucking accident lawyer can help you get the facts about what value an attorney can add. Contact us now to speak to a licensed car accident lawyer.