Semi Accidents

Phoenix Semi Truck Accident

A Phoenix personal injury lawyer knows how to represent you in a semi truck accident. If you were involved in a Phoenix semi crash please contact us now, in order for us to start the investigation. Semi drivers are required to keep logbooks, if they are long-haul drivers. It is important for your Phoenix semi crash lawyer to have ample opportunity to review that logbook to make sure that the driver had been complying appropriately with Federal regulations. For instance, one rule is that semi-trailer drivers can only drive a certain number of hours in a 24 hour period. If the driver of the semi-trailer that you were in a semi-truck accident with had been driving over the allotted amount an attorney can use that to prove wrong doing. There are other semi-trailer laws that need to be explored, and our Phoenix injury lawyers have the knowledge and the know how to investigate your semi accident.

semi truck accidentMoreover, our Phoenix personal injury law firm can hire an accident recon expert to investigate your Phoenix semi crash. The semi accident recon will receive every document that we have received to-date and then begin her own investigation. This way, we do not taint or bias the expert, which allows the expert to reach her own conclusion on how your Phoenix semi-trailer accident occurred. Then the expert will prepare a report, which we can use to demonstrate to the other side that they were responsible for this semi-trailer accident. Our Phoenix injury lawyers are skilled at eliciting testimony from our experts to testify on your behalf.

Our ability to use technology has helped our Phoenix personal injury lawyers innovate how we handle Phoenix semi-trailer accidents. It allows us to be able to be remote and still be able to communicate with all of the other members of our Phoenix  injury law firm. It is this thinking that will allow us to represent you effectively.

If you or a loved one was involved in a trucking accident with a semi truck give us a call. Our trucking accident lawyer can help you get the facts about what value an attorney can add. Contact us now.

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