Trucking Accidents

What To Know About Phoenix Trucking Accidents

Our Phoenix highways are full of large transportation vehicles that carry goods and people all across this great state. Yet, these big commercial vehicles, or even RVs can cause substantial injuries or even the loss of life, if they are involved in a trucking accident in Phoenix. Hearing the horror of being dragged or pushed down the highway, wondering if this was it…if your life was going to end…is a common occurrence from those who survive these types of trucking crashes. The physical injuries can take months if not years to heal. Unfortunately, in some cases they never heal completely. On the other hand, the emotional trauma associated with a car accident is uniquely devastating. The nightmares that plague you in your sleep. You constantly replay in your head-over-and-over again…the sounds of your Phoenix trucking accident. Maybe you are the only occupant of your vehicle to survive the accident and you wonder “why me?” Maybe it is just as simple of getting tense every time that you enter a vehicle. Possibly, you grip your steering wheel just every-so-tighter when you see a semi approaching. These types of concerns are real and need to be dealt with, by trained professionals. In order to get the help you need, it is going to take money. The person who causes a Phoenix trucking mishap has the duty to put you back in the position you were before the accident occurred. GAMESQ, PLC will make sure that they are held to that standard.

Phoenix Truck Accident Lawyer

If you were involved in a Phoenix trucking or car crash with a commercial vehicle, such as a bus, semi-truck, tractor trailer, etc, contact a Phoenix trucking accident lawyer who knows how to investigate a trucking incident. State and Federal law have various laws that need to be complied with. If you want a second opinion before you sign your rights away to the insurance company, contact us for a free consultation.

Federal Trucking Law

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We work with your doctors to make sure we share your case to the insurance company to get the most value for your case.

Federal trucking laws must be adhered to and a Phoenix trucking accident attorney, like our Phoenix based accident law firm, can review the documentation and determine if a failure to obey those laws caused and/or contributed to the subject trucking accident. Trucking crashes can cause serious injuries, that can have life-long effects. An experienced Phoenix trucking crash lawyer can coordinate with your medical professionals to identify what your future medical care will consist of. Furthermore, we can consult with an expert to create a life-care plan. These life-care plans can demonstrate to the insurance company and/or to a Phoenix jury how serious your injuries truly are. These life-care plans are used to pay for your future medical care that you will need as a result of your crash.

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The size of the vehicles and the damage they can inflict causes a lot of people to have anxiety and a true fear of driving, after they have been involved in a trucking accident. We can also provide for you to receive an independent physiological examination to verify your changed mental condition after the incident. If you or a friend were involved in a trucking crash do not hesitate call 623-486-4416 right now for a free consultation.

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