Why You Should Hire A Phoenix Trucking Accident Lawyer After A Crash.

Phoenix Semi-Truck accident lawyer


Our Phoenix highways are full of large vehicles carrying goods and people across this great state. Yet, these big commercial vehicles, or even RVs, can cause substantial injuries or even the loss of life if they are involved in a trucking accident in Phoenix. Hearing the horror of being dragged or pushed down the highway, wondering if this was it…if your life was going to end…is a common occurrence among those who survive these trucking crashes. The physical injuries can take months, if not years, to heal. Unfortunately, in some cases, they never heal completely.

On the other hand, the emotional trauma associated with a truck accident is uniquely devastating. The nightmares that plague you in your sleep. You constantly replay in your head over and over again…the sounds of your Phoenix trucking accident. Maybe you are the only occupant of your vehicle who survived the accident, and you wonder, “Why me?” Maybe it is as simple as getting tense every time you enter a vehicle. Possibly, you grip your steering wheel just every so-tighter when you see a semi-truck approaching. These concerns are real and need to be dealt with by trained professionals. To get the help you need, it is going to take money. The person who causes a Phoenix trucking crash must put you back in the position you were before the accident occurred.

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GAMESQ, PLC will ensure that they are held to that standard. We will work with you to process your multiple insurance claims. Gamesq, PLC is not like other Phoenix truck accident attorneys. Before our attorney starts legal representation, he will sit down with you and explain your legal options. He will identify the potential dangers of heading into litigation. He has decades of experience as an attorney and has handled hundreds, if not thousands, of active litigation injury crashes.

You need a Phoenix trucking accident lawyer like Garrick to handle your case from start to finish. He has the experience you need if your loved one passes away as a result of a crash. Garrick has successfully made wrongful death claims for his clients before. He has held the liable parties accountable for the harm they caused other truck accident victims. As the medical bills pile up and the pocket expenses increase, you need someone with the right type of experience with motor vehicle accidents to intercede on your behalf. Garrick has made truck accident claims before. He has even tried a truck accident case. He knows the most common types of truck accident injuries to identify in his clients. Semi-trucks have special regulations regarding their cargo. These security regulations are in addition to what other commercial drivers are subjected to, such as those who operate passenger vans or buses.

Garrick works to obtain a successful trucking accident settlement on behalf of his clients. If you or a loved one was involved in a Phoenix trucking accident, call Garrick for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Phoenix Semi-Truck accident lawyer

Insurance Companies Have A Legal Team Ready To Dispute Liability In Your Phoenix Truck Accident.

If you were involved in a Phoenix trucking or car crash with a commercial vehicle, such as a bus, semi-truck, tractor-trailer, etc., contact a Phoenix trucking accident lawyer who can investigate a trucking incident. State and federal laws have various laws and regulations that must be complied with. If you want a second opinion before you sign your rights away to the insurance company, contact us for a free consultation.

The vast majority of Commercial drivers are safe drivers. Without them, our economy would not work. They transport hazardous materials, food, cars, and everything else that allows us to thrive as a nation. However, when they cause a wreck, they will have the insurance company on the phone in a heartbeat. Many people do not understand this aspect of Phoenix trucking cases. The insurance company will deploy a team of investigators to find the witnesses. They will ask questions that seem innocent but are designed to fit into the narrative: that you are partially at fault for this crash. These witness statements can be damning unless challenged immediately.

Trucking attorneys will inspect the roadways to find a way to blame the state of Arizona or the city of Phoenix as a partial cause of your damages. They will seek to create a narrative that you were distracted driving by the radio or your phone. They might even say that these were unsafe driving conditions for everyone. Their legal team will get on the scene as soon as possible; what about yours?

Garrick McFadden conducts scene investigations to understand who is at fault. He reads the police report and consults with experts to prove at trial who the negligent party is in this trucking accident. His experience with all types of motor vehicle accidents gives him the unique experience of representing someone in an Arizona trucking accident.

Phoenix truck accident lawyer

Federal Trucking Law Sets The Rules For Negligence. You Need A Truck Accident Attorney Who Knows The Rules For Semi-Trucks.

Federal trucking laws must be adhered to, and a Phoenix trucking accident attorney, like our Phoenix-based accident law firm, can review the documentation and determine if a failure to obey those laws caused and/or contributed to the subject trucking accident. Trucking crashes can cause serious injuries that can have life-long effects. An experienced Phoenix trucking crash lawyer can coordinate with your medical professionals to identify your future medical care. Furthermore, we can consult with an expert to create a life-care plan. These life-care plans can demonstrate to the insurance company and/or a Phoenix jury how serious your injuries are. These life-care plans are used to pay for your future medical care that you will need as a result of your crash.

First, a truck driver can only operate their vehicle for many hours daily. Furthermore, only some can be consecutive hours. We request and examine the driver’s log books to ascertain the driver’s hours before the crash. Federal regulations also establish the truck driver duties. One duty might be the truck driver is subjected to random testing. A truck crash lawyer will have experience with these and the interstate regulations that pertain to hour highways and freeways. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, also known as FMCSA, creates many laws about our roads.

A semi-truck accident is sometimes caused by failure to follow safety regulations. Some trucking companies try to cut corners and not maintain their fleet. Or these trucking companies fill their ranks with independent contractors. A personal injury attorney, like Garrick McFadden, should understand the trucking industry, the customs in play, and the commercial trucking laws. Again, service regulations are the main reason some of these Phoenix trucking accidents happen. Commercial truck drivers are required to inspect their semi-trucks before they drive. A failure to do this can result in evidence of negligence.

Phoenix trucking accident law firm

Truck Drivers Involved In A Commercial Truck Accident Will Have Access To Some Of The Best Team Of Phoenix Truck Accident Lawyers Defending Them. You Need To Match That Firepower.

Victims of negligence need to match firepower with firepower. Hiring the right Phoenix trucking accident lawyer is your first step. Too many Phoenix personal injury lawyers are afraid to go to trial. They fail to maximize the compensation for their clients because they fear a jury trial. Not Gamesq, PLC. We will not hesitate to file a negligence lawsuit against the negligent party. We pride our legal representation on a firm grasp of the facts and a narrative that truthfully tells the story so we can receive fair compensation for our clients for their truck accident-related losses.

The failure to determine if your Phoenix truck accident law firm has the experience and training to represent you in Superior Court can be detrimental to your case. Garrick’s demonstrable track record is used to level the playing field.

Arizona Truck Accidents Can Cause Serious Bodily Injury. You Need An Experienced Lawyer Like Garrick McFadden.

We work with your doctors to make sure we share your case with the insurance company to get the most value for your case. The damages you sustain from this type of collision can be measured in economic and non-economic ways. Economic damages cover things like property damages. The loss you suffered from the destruction of your vehicle. Your medical bills and the out-of-pocket expenses that are used to cover co-pays and medicine. Your wage losses are caused by the fact that you cannot work for a while. These are some of the issues that form the basis of your accident injury claim.

Non-economic items are things like the mental anguish that you suffer as a result of this crash.  Pain and suffering fall into this type of category. The humiliation or frustration one might feel after no longer being able to perform the tasks they used to be able to do for themselves is a form of pain and suffering.

Some people experience spinal cord injuries as a result of being in a crash. These types of injuries can lead to death or loss of function in one’s limbs. Accident victims sometimes learn through their medical treatment that they have suffered what are known as internal injuries. These can be caused by the blunt force trauma your body sustains as it is smashed into the door, steering wheel, or dashboard. Internal injuries can be fatal if not properly cared for or diagnosed.

Unfortunately, some survivors of truck crashes develop traumatic brain injuries. The liable party for these catastrophic injuries needs to be held accountable. That is where experience plays a huge role in getting fair compensation for your losses.

Garrick McFadden has tried eight civil jury trials in Maricopa County, Pima County, and Pinal County and arbitrated hundreds of cases. As a Phoenix personal injury lawyer, he is unafraid to go to trial and represent truck accident victims before a jury. He is quite comfortable walking into Maricopa County Superior Court and telling the judge he represents the survivor of a horrific 18-wheeler accident.

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Speak To A Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer For Free Call Now

Gamesq, Plc works to hold the at-fault party accountable for the harm they caused. Their driver negligence is the reason the trucking collision occurred. Truck collisions are rare, so not many lawyers have experience with them, but Garrick does. He knows how to take a CEO’s deposition for any commercial truck company, based on taking over five hundred depositions. He has experience with hundreds of personal injury claims. He has this type of experience and knowledge he leverages for his clients. People injured in passenger vehicles, like buses, are also wise to talk to Garrick.  The size of the vehicles and the damage they can inflict causes a lot of people to have anxiety and a true fear of driving after they have been involved in a trucking accident. We can also provide an independent physiological examination to verify your changed mental condition after the incident. If you or a friend were involved in a trucking crash, do not hesitate to call 623-486-4416 for a free consultation.