Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer Fees: The Truth

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Phoenix Car Accident Attorney’s Fees I wanted to discuss the topic of Phoenix car accident attorney fees today. You see Phoenix personal injury lawyers charging between 29% to 40% to handle a car accident claim until trial. We charge 33% up to trial, because we have over a decade of experience of handling nothing but Phoenix auto accidents. Garrick A. McFadden, Esq. is a graduate of a top 20 law school (University of Southern California Gould School of Law) and he handles your claim, not an intake specialist or paralegal. Our Phoenix car accident attorney’s fees are centered around creating value for our clients. The best Phoenix car accident attorney knows that they can create or add very little to certain car accident situations. For instance, why should we get 33% when the person has a policy limit of $25,000.00 and you have day of loss medical bills of $18,000.00. This is a clear instance where the insurance company should pay you their driver’s policy limit. What value did a Phoenix car accident attorney bring to your case to justify 20% or 33% of the recovery? If you said, nothing we are in agreement with you. That is why we will work with you to find a fixed amount that makes sense for both sides to help you recover the extra amount. However, there will be hard work to do in that situation such as negotiating your medical bills with your insurance company and the hospital. There is also the… Read More »Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer Fees: The Truth
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Discount Personal Injury Lawyers And Their Army Of Paralegals

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Discount Personal Injury Lawyers And Their Army Of Paralegals Phoenix discount personal injury lawyers equals an army of paralegals, legal secretaries, intake specialist, and other titles they make up to confuse you and comfort you to know that a car accident lawyer will not be handling all aspects of your case. While we worked for insurance companies and did insurance defense work, we saw too many times where the attorney met the client for the first time at the deposition. When you are testifying the jury, the judge, or the arbitrator needs to feel a real connection between you and your Phoenix car accident lawyer. They need to know that what you are asking for is not all about money, but you are demanding your dignity. You have a right to be placed in the same position you were in before the car accident per Arizona law. So when we see Arizona car accident law firms questioning other law firm rates, we question why don’t you have more car accident lawyers handling your clients’ cases? With GAMESQ, PLC Only A Licensed Attorney From A Top 20 Law School Will Touch Your Case: That is Gamesq, Plc’s promise to our clients. You pay for a Phoenix car accident lawyer, not a paralegal. We charge a 33% contingency rate, which is industry standard, but unlike the Phoenix discount personal injury lawyers with their army of paralegals and other made-up titles for people who are not Arizona licensed attorneys to handle your case… Read More »Discount Personal Injury Lawyers And Their Army Of Paralegals
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Why Should I Sue For A Car Accident

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Why Should I Sue For A Car Accident? People hire a car accident lawyer to handle the fallout from a car accident for various reasons. Some people just do not want to deal with the insurance company. Others want to feel they have control of the situation by hiring a car accident law firm to walk them through the whole process. Some people hire a car accident lawyer after they feel the insurance company disrespects them with a lowball offer. In fact one Garrick A. McFadden’s Esq, first personal injury clients was a pregnant woman who was only being offered $500.00 over her medical bills. Did I mention that this beautiful woman was pregnant at the time of her Scottsdale car accident? She was so mad that that she was determined to hire the best Phoenix personal injury lawyer that she could find, and she choose Garrick. To us this was a no brainer, because the insurance company was not being fair with her. She did not want to hire a car accident lawyer, but her hand was forced. Garrick added value to her claim and put her at ease. Garrick even respected one of her wishes, which he was totally against…but she wanted to do it regardless. She wanted to pay her health insurance company back whatever amount they had requested from her. Garrick could have negotiated the bill, but this was her wish and was important to her so it was important to Garrick. GAMESQ, PLC’s lawyers listen… Read More »Why Should I Sue For A Car Accident
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Pregnant in a Phoenix Car Crash

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Car Accident While Pregnant You Need A Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney With Experience: Were you or your loved one involved in a Phoenix car accident while pregnant? This is a very stressful situation, waiting to go to the hospital to determine if you and your baby have been injured. While waiting in the hospital so many things are racing through your head- as you wait for the doctors to determine if you are stable before they perform an obstetric exam and ultrasound. Once those test come back normal, you are still not in the clear. You might experience vaginal bleeding and other forms of vaginal discharge. The intense minutes to hours of worrying about your child are taxing not only on the mother, but also on all of her loved ones. A Phoenix car accident attorney knows how to properly value these types of cases. Our Phoenix personal injury lawyers have defended and represented clients in car accidents where the driver was pregnant. Garrick McFadden has represented and defended many cases involving women who were in a car accident while pregnant for several years in Phoenix, Arizona and all around Arizona. He has learned that the concern a mother and her loved ones harbor concerning any ill-effects as a result of the car accident last until the baby is delivered, and has been pronounced healthy. If you were in a car accident while your were pregnant, our Phoenix car accident law firm is here to meet with you to discuss… Read More »Pregnant in a Phoenix Car Crash


Arizona The 48th State I was sitting around with other Phoenix personal injury lawyers talking about Arizona. After running for congress, I have learned to love Arizona in a way that knocking over 5000 doors can only teach you. I met so many people who live in Arizona and love Arizona. Here are some of the things that I have learned about Arizona. We Are the 48th State. Arizona was the last state to be added that is on the mainland. It became a state on 14 February 1912. I know they say Virginia is for lovers, but really? First, they got sued by the Lovings because it refused to allow a white man to marry a black woman. The Lovings with the aid of the ACLU took that law suit to the Supreme Court and they won. Now on the other hand, Arizona was admitted into the United States on Valentine’s Day. Now you tell me what is the better state for lovers? Arizona Is One of the Only States Where A Black Person Was Not Lynched. This state has seen too many lynchings, but curiously not one black person has been lynched in this state. Lynchings were seen as justice to some and terrorism for others. Many outlaws took shelter in Arizona and they were ultimately found any murdered. The wild west mentality can be found today in many of the states residents. The way they ride horses around the wonderful parts of this state. The hiking that… Read More »Arizona
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Motorcycle Accidents Keep Claiming Lives In Arizona

Another Motorcycle Crash Claims Another Life In Arizona: The news is almost too much to handle. Another person died in a Phoenix motorcycle crash this year. This loving father passed away after two weeks of fighting for his life. Now it is time to rest. The news reports give testimony of a life lived well with lots of friends and family. The only good thing about this crash was that loved ones far and wide got to come to Phoenix to be by his bedside and say goodbye. Now his family and loved one has to pick up the pieces of a shattered life. The decedent allegedly rear-ended the car in front of him, which caused the fatal collision. With this being a rear-end accident the fault is going to be presumed to be on that of the motorcyclist. That means that his heirs need to hire a Phoenix wrongful death lawyer. You Need A Wrongful Death Lawyer To Investigate This Crash: Now, one letter from a wrongful death lawyer is most likely all that it is going to take to get the other driver’s policy limits. The argument could be made that the wrongful death attorney will be needed more to pay off any liens based on two weeks in the hospital. Also there is Underinsured Motorist coverage to go after. There is a lot of value that a motorcycle accident lawyer can add to case such as this. There Needs To Be A Way To Stop These Deaths:… Read More »Motorcycle Accidents Keep Claiming Lives In Arizona
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Car Accident Whiplash

Car Accident Whiplash: You often hear people speak about getting in a Phoenix car accident and have whiplash. However, what is whiplash. How long does it last? What causes whiplash? Why does it hurt so long? Is car accident whiplash serious? These are all great questions, and the best person to address these types of questions is a doctor and not a Phoenix car accident whiplash lawyer. However, here are some answers that we have learned from representing people who have suffered car accident whiplash. What Is Whiplash: Whiplash is the procedure of when you are struck from behind and your body accelerates backwards and your neck stays same and then your body accelerates forward. This motion causes muscles in your back and and neck to be strained and sprained. A sprain or strain is the actual tearing of muscles of various microscopic degrees. The muscles in most of us are not strong enough in our neck to stop the force and stabilize our head from going back while the rest of our body goes forward. How Long Does Car Accident Whiplash Last: The acute pain can last for a number of weeks in a healthy individual with no history of neck pain, neck instability, or spinal stenosis. Normally, the human body will heal from this injury over a period of six to eight weeks. However, in those first days and weeks a car accident whiplash injury is really unpleasant. It down right hurts. Why Does Whiplash Hurt For So… Read More »Car Accident Whiplash
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Self Driving Car Accidents

Self Driving Car Accidents: As we move towards self-driving cars one question we have not asked and explored is how long do these cars last. Ford came out recently and said their self driving cars only last four years. However, most Americans do not have the means to afford a new car every four years. What responsibility does Ford or other automakers have to remove this vehicles from the road once they reach four years? Will Self Driving Cars Create More Economic Inequality? The used vehicle market is how many Americans acquire their cars. Yet, what will happen when a self driving car is three years old. Will someone be willing to obtain the car for the last year of service. If the self driving car is involved in a motor vehicle accident who should be held liable? Should it be the owner of the vehicle or the manufacturer? Will car insurance companies even cover a self-driving car when it gets older than four years. Will the federal or state governments subsidize the cost of these vehicles even though they might be priced above what a working family can afford? Self Driving Car Crashes Since these vehicles are programmed by humans the algorithm carries in it, the implicit and explicit bias that the programmer have. We have seen how these cars fail to see black people. We have seen this same structural racism in facial recognition software, and in risk assessments for parole and bail. As a Phoenix car accident… Read More »Self Driving Car Accidents
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Black Father In The Age Of Trump

Black Father In The Age Of Trump I Have A Beautiful Black Daughter I am a black father of an intelligent and beautiful six-year old daughter. She is a decent child, curious about the world and operates within it with an innate set of core values of how the world should be. She is charitable in ways that far surpass my wife and I. She is a six-year old child who just learned about money and is continuing to ask questions to deepen her understanding of currency. How money is used, the different dominations, what you can and cannot do with it. She is a six-year old child who has slightly better impulse control than most other six-year olds, but still has urges to pick things up in the store. Last Tuesday she put something into the shopping cart without my permission or authorization. When we were checking out of the store she grabbed a Snickers bar. I saw her and I explained to her that we were going to get sushi and that we might get some candy after our lunch. I always watch my daughter when we are in stores. I focus my gaze uniquely on her, not because I understand the impulse control of a child, but I know the ramifications of her taking a babble or nicknack or piece of candy without paying for it. My Mom And Dad Raised Me To Be Afraid, Like They Were. This is what it means to be the son… Read More »Black Father In The Age Of Trump

Oppose Cannabis Ballot Measure 2019

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Oppose AZ Cannabis Ballot Measure 2019 TL;DR: Do not sign or support the new cannabis legalization ballot initiative. It is just a money grab for the dispensary owners. Below is my reasoning and the research with cites so that you can be informed. This initiative will put more black and brown bodies at risk. My wife wants me to show my work so here is how I reach this conclusion. Legalization of Cannabis Creates An Open Season On Black Children In states that have legalized marijuana black children’s arrest go up by 55%, brown children go up by 22% white children go down by 10%. Here is the article.  Yet, we know all of the academic literature on this subject shows that white children use drugs at higher rates than black children. See Monitoring the Future: National Survey Results On Drug Use: 1975-2006 (published in 2007). Why is this a big deal? Because cannabis is a federal drug, that means that people arrested for cannabis can be expelled from school. If their family lives in section 8 housing the family can be evicted (See HUD v. Rucker United States Supreme Court 2002 opinion). The student cannot receive any food stamps for the rest of their life. The student is not eligible for any federal financial aid. Plus they have a felony on their record. This legalization bill does nothing to address this horrible truth and they were told of all of this information and ignored it. We Ask People To… Read More »Oppose Cannabis Ballot Measure 2019