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Car accidents can worsen fibromyalgia

Can A Car Crash Worsen Fibromyalgia

Can Car Accidents Worsen Fibromyalgia ? The answer is yes: car accidents worsen fibromyalgia. In a Canada court trial, where the Plaintiff was involved in an auto accident, her auto accident attorney had her doctor testify that as a result of the car accident her fibromyalgia had worsened. There are a number of factors in this case that do not make it the typical case, but the medical proof offered in this case suggested that fibromyalgia can not only be aggravated by a car accident, but it can be made worse. We have written about how a Phoenix auto accident attorney from our auto accident law firm would handle a case with a client who has fibromyalgia. The woman was awarded over $366,000.00. The Facts Of This Auto Accident Case: In this instance the woman was traveling at about 90 KM per hour and a truck towing a U-Haul trailer pulled out and hit her in the left side (this was horrible reporting on the court case, because all cars should be referred to by either driver side or passenger side). The trailer bounced in the air and struck the woman’s car a second time. She was traveling with her 2-year-old child. She did not know what her body did in the car, she was focused on not losing control. The woman had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia in the past. We must say that her auto accident attorney was very skilled and brave to embrace her fibromyalgia diagnosis. Many Phoenix… Read More »Can A Car Crash Worsen Fibromyalgia