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7 Red Flags To Watch For When Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer (2021)

Too many people are so rushed to hire a personal injury lawyer they grab the first one they see on TV or are referred to by their chiropractor. Instead, of looking at obvious red flags, they ignore them and end up, many times, getting less financial compensation for all of their damages they suffered from their accident. This article seeks to explore the 7 red flags to watch for when hiring a personal injury lawyer in 2021. A lot has changed during the practice of personal injury law from just a couple of years ago. Here we go.   1. Your Car Accident Lawyer Has Zero To Little Civil Trial Experience. Insurance companies track who goes to trial and who does not. They know that the attorneys who have never gone into trial are the ones they can get to cave. They know that these personal injury lawyers are afraid of facing juries. They usually identify them as mill-law-firm, one that spends more time advertising then practicing law. If your case has any complexities to it, they know that they can take advantage of those complexities.  The first question is how many civil jury trials have you first-chaired? If you do not see any trial experience, then that personal injury lawyer might be leaving money on the table. No, not many attorneys go to trial anymore. However, if you have practiced personal injury law over 10 years and have never gone to trial that is a red flag.  Again, a… Read More »7 Red Flags To Watch For When Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer (2021)