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The Great Migration Was Caused By The Failure To Protect Black People’s Civil Rights

“The people did not cross the turnstiles of customs at Ellis Island. They were already citizens. But where they came from, they were not treated as such.” ― Isabel Wilkerson, The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America’s Great Migration. Candidates, politicians, media commentators, and people of good-intent like to profess “we are a nation of immigrants.” Yet, that is one of the most dehumanizing lines that can ever be uttered. It is a lie. It is an offensive mischaracterization of our history. It erases the fact that a race of people lived here, before you or your ancestors arrived. A race of people that had their own languages, customs, cultures, economies, and religions. Every-time this lie is allowed space to breath, it conceals the fact that people were dispossessed of their land. This lie allows us to ignore that a genocide was perpetuated against a race of people, for your benefit. If we say this lie, we don’t have to confront the injustice that was sustained by the people who lived here before us. After the indigenous population was nearly destroyed, black bodies were stolen, smuggled in the hulls of ships, and sold into perpetual bondage to work this misappropriated land. The lie of “we are a nation of immigrants” attempts to circumvent the fact that the value of all slaves was $75 billion dollars in todays dollars. That prior to the civil war, the wealth of this country was concentrated in the Mississippi River Valley. Black bodies… Read More »The Great Migration Was Caused By The Failure To Protect Black People’s Civil Rights