Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer

What Is A Personal Injury Lawyer?

A personal injury lawyer is someone who handles injury claims for people who have wronged or hurt by no action of  their own. A Phoenix personal injury lawyer, is an attorney who has dedicated themselves to representing ordinary people in the fight for justice. Some of the greatest gains we have achieved as a nation have been because of the work of personal injury lawyers. Cars were more dangerous until personal injury lawyers consulted with one another and decided that they had to take on the major car manufactures. They are the ones who pushed for safety advancements in cars. They pushed for clean water and clean food. It was the personal injuries who changed the face of this country like civil rights attorneys did.

Now that I write this and examine the history and positive change that personal lawyers have created in America, that might be why they get a bad name. This is the payback for creating more protections for Americans. No longer can corporations and billionaires cut corners for profit and not be checked. Yes, some of the Phoenix personal injury lawyers can do things that some might think is unbecoming. Yet, most of the ire and disrespected that is hurled at injury lawyers is out of spite and contempt and not from a place of sincere belief.

What Kind Of Cases Do A They Handle?

Injury law, some times called accident law, handles all types of legal situations. Slip and fall incidents are an area of of law that Phoenix PI lawyers handle in Arizona. A slip and fall is just what it sounds like, you are walking and then you fall, sometimes due to uneven pavement, sometimes because a liquid on the floor. GAMESQ, PLC has seen someone fall because of poor lighting. Other injury attorneys handle dog bite cases. Dog bites can be very traumatic cases for the survivors of these types of attacks. These cases usually invoke the homeowners insurance and that is a whole situation. What makes dog bite cases even worse is that the owner of the dog and the survivor of the attack usually are friends and thus the lawyer has to navigate a friendship that might unravel due to this incident. For most people, including this Phoenix personal injury lawyer, their dog is a part of their family. The idea that their dog might be put down causes so much stress. Another type of case handled by an injury attorney is airplane crashes. These are large cases and it takes law firms with a lot of financial resources to make these cases happen. Although this is Arizona, accident attorneys see a lot of boating cases. These type of cases are different and require other skills than what a Phoenix car accident lawyer might have.

Phoenix personal Injury lawyer Right now it is the personal injury lawyers who are suing the opioid manufacturers and making sure that the changes to the law are what we need. These lawsuits are in the long line of product liability lawsuits that PI attorneys have handled since the dawn of our legal system.

Why Should I Hire A Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you or a loved one was involved in a car crash or a loved suffered what is called a wrongful death, a Phoenix personal injury lawyer can add value to your claim. It is clear, that someone who has graduated from high school can effectively represent themselves in some personal injury matters. However, there is no way that a person could be effective in a product liability lawsuit. Cases like airplane crashes are too advanced for most personal injury lawyers and there is no way a non-lawyer would be able to handle these types of cases.

Phoenix PI Lawyers Hire Experts:

Many cases, such as Arizona medical malpractice claim, require a trained expert testimony before the case is even allowed to begin. Gamesq, Plc has access to some of the best experts to educate our personal injury lawyer on the topics that might make a difference in our client’s cases.

Injury Attorneys Have Experience In Matters Similar To Yours:

For most Phoenix personal injury lawyers they have experience handling cases similar to your accident case. Many times they go back to a hundred of cases and draw similarities. Our personal injury attorney has handled over 700 accident cases. He had conducted hundreds of depositions and tried over eight civil jury trials as first chair. Garrick A. McFaddden, Esq. also graduated from a top-20 law school. He is one of a few Phoenix personal injury lawyers who can make that claim.

How Do PI Lawyers Get Paid:

Most PI lawyers work on a contingency. That means they get a percentage of what ever they recover for you. It seems that the new contingency rate is 40% in Phoenix. For this percentage they do all sorts of things for their clients. They gather medical records, hire experts, inspect the scene of the incident, take depositions, file a lawsuit, conduct witness interviews, and guide their clients into making wise decisions. That is how they earn their contingency fee and they also negotiate medical bills for their clients. In some states PI attorneys can do this as a separate agreement, but not in Arizona.

How Can You Find the Best Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer?

There are couple of things to consider? What law school did the person attend? There is a reason why most of the the Supreme Court Justices come from the top 20 rated law schools. Yes, there are horrible lawyers who have attended Harvard, but that is more the exception than the rule. On the other hand, many Arizona attorneys who practice PI law due it because this or criminal defense or bankruptcy or workers-comp law were the only areas of law that would accept them. Our attorney at GAMESQ, PLC was a tax attorney before he finally settled on being a Phoenix personal injury lawyer.

How much experience does the person have and what type of experience do the have? Garrick McFadden was in-house counsel for a Fortune 500 insurance company. He went against the best of the best of Phoenix car accident lawyers and he won some and he lost some, but this training molded him into one of the most fierce advocates in Maricopa County. Did the lawyer just work at a small PI firm before they opened their own office? Did they just work for themselves and try to cobble together a life?

Do you want direct contact with your accident attorney or would you prefer speaking with paralegals and assistants? Many of the large personal injury firms are staffed with 60 paralegals and assistants and only two or three injury attorneys. That means these two or three lawyers are never going to give your claim or case the individual attention that it deserves. Some paralegals are better than some accident attorneys here, but they are not allowed to depose anyone or argue motions or represent you at trial.

Does your Phoenix personal injury attorney want to send you to a chiropractor or pain specialist? At the end of the day this is your claim and your body. GAMESQ, PLC never sends its clients to chiropractors or pain doctors. We know the best cases and outcomes are determined by our clients being authentic and getting only the medical care that will make them better and help them heal is quickly as possible. I would never agree to be represented by a law firm if the first words out of their mouth is we have some chiropractors that you can see.

Good Luck With Your Injury Claim.

We hope this was helpful, please let us know if it was and if you live in Arizona call us at 623-233-4416 for a free consultation.

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