Soft Tissue

Soft Tissue Injuries:

What Are Soft Tissue Injuries:

If you are involved in a Phoenix car accident and you did not sustain any objective injuries, you know broken bones, lacerations, visible bruising, etc. what you have suffered are called soft tissue injuries. A Phoenix personal injury lawyer, like the ones you can find at our Tempe car accident law firm, know that soft tissue injuries can be serious (a ruptured achilles). Our personal injury attorneys know that car accident victims most likely sustain soft tissue injuries. Our lawyers recognize that soft tissue injuries cannot be seen, in the most part, on x-rays. These injuries usually resolve between a period of six to eight weeks, if there are not other factors involved (lupas, MS, pregnancy, previous similar injuries, etc.) . Yet, when you have to work, take care of a family, exercise, and generally live your life, six to eight weeks is a long time. Depending on what you do for a living, you could continuously aggravate for your soft tissue injuries, which will prolong the healing period.

Who Treats Soft Tissue Injuries:

Some people treat with chiropractors, others go to their primary care physician (PCP) and she sends them to physical therapy. It is a matter of personal preference, but here in Phoenix, many juries and arbitrators look down upon chiropractor care. The very real perception is that a Phoenix car accident victim who was treated by a chiropractor is just a greedy individual who is trying to scam the system. Many times the Phoenix attorney hired by the car insurance company will hire a medical doctor

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to comment on the chiropractic care you received. Fair or not, many people in Phoenix view the credibility of the doctor hired by the insurance company to be better than the word of the chiropractor who successfully treated you for two or three months. Our Tempe located car accident law firm knows that this bias against chiropractor’s become more pronounced when an Arizona personal injury lawyer sends you to “their” chiropractor. The juries presume that this is just a racket, a scheme for you and your car accident lawyer to make money. That is why our personal injury lawyers will never send you to a chiropractor. It is best that you search for a chiropractor on the internet and find a good reputable chiropractor to treat your injuries. Better yet, go see your PCP and have them determine what is best for you.

Our Phoenix Car Accident Law Firm Can Aid You:

What do you do if you were injured in your Phoenix car accident, but you only have soft tissue injuries? You get better…if you have a PCP you go to your PCP. If you have had success going to a chiropractor, then go to a chiropractor. However, the problem that you encounter is when you go to your PCP for a cold or flu, while you are still treating with your chiropractor, the chiropractor a Phoenix car accident lawyer sent you t0- you can see the problem that could cause down the road. If you go see your regular treating doctor for your Phoenix car accident, and you are assigned a course of physical therapy…there is very little that a lawyer hired by the insurance company can say about your treatment. If you have a history of treating with a chiropractor, continue to treat with a chiropractor. On the other hand, it is not wise to go see a chiropractor that you are referred to by your attorney. It might play a roll later when you are dealing with the insurance company or the court.

The problem with soft tissue injuries is the person with the injuries has to be credible, the treatment they receive has to be perceived as credible. If anything is out of order, if it appears as if you are hiding something, or are trying to pull a fast-one, you could be severally penalized. That is why we will never compromise your integrity in order to get a few more dollars. Our Chandler personal injury lawyers will never send you to a crooked doctor or chiropractor. We will never do anything unethical that could poorly reflect on you. We want our clients to get what they are owed. Fair and reasonable compensation, not a penny less. We feel with our experience and training, we do not have to manufacture medical expenses in order to get an excellent result for our clients. Schedule a meeting with one of our car accident lawyers today.