Fender Bender

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Can You Be Injured In This Type of Crash?

How many times have you or someone you know describe a Phoenix car accident as a fender-bender? A fender-bender implies that it was a minor accident. It also implies that no one could have been injured in such an automobile accident. Yet, our Arizona car accident personal injury lawyers know the truth. We all know that when you have cars, trucks, SUVs, Semis, RVs etc., that the forces and sizes of the vehicles can create enough force to cause injury. Our Phoenix injury lawyers have witnessed the after-effects of cars that were involved in car accidents that might be described as a fender-benders. Cosmetically, the cars looked like they had suffered little to no damage. Yet, when the car was inspected for repairs, it was revealed that the frame (we know it is a unibody) had been misaligned by the impact. The cosmetic damage only suggested a minor impact, but when the car was inspected by trained mechanics, the evidence suggested this was far from a low-speed car crash accident. A person might feel guilty because they have pain after being in a fender-bender, when the truth is that this was not a fender bender, but a car crash. The answer is yes, you can be injured in an Arizona fender-bender accident.

What is a Fender Bender?

It is a type of car crash, that implies low speed and low velocity. It usually signifies a minor impact with little to no visible damage to either vehicle involved. In many cases unless the car is

inspected by a train car mechanic, the damage to the car can go unnoticed.  This types of crashes are usually rear-end accidents. Where the driver of one car is “tap” or “bumped” by the car behind them. Usually, none of the vehicles involved in the crash have deployment of their air bags.

Phoenix personal injury lawyer

Should You Hire A Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer For This Type of Car Accident:

Phoenix, Arizona fender-bender car accidents are very difficult for even the best Arizona car accident personal injury lawyer to win. There is just this misconception that the human body cannot be jarred significantly enough to induce any type of injury. However, if you were involved in a fender-bender accident in Arizona, and you were injured you might want to talk to an injury lawyer. Our Phoenix car accident injury law firm will be upfront with you in the beginning. If the police report states that the other party was traveling less than 10 miles per hour when the accident occurred, it will be a difficult case. If the photographs of the damage to your vehicle suggest minor damage, again it will be a difficult case. Other factors that will make it a difficult case to win even for the best Phoenix car accident lawyer: photographs of the vehicle that hit you, which reveal minor to no damage; and a low repair estimate for either your car or the car that hit you.

If you were involved in a Phoenix fender-bender car accident you might have a difficult time finding an injury lawyer to represent you. However, if you have a documented health condition, which becomes aggravated and that can be documented this is something that one of our Tempe car accident personal injury lawyers can use to make your case. The simple theory that the insurance companies put forth is that no one can be injured in this type of crash. That is the simple misconception that we all operate under. Phoenix juries will think that you are trying to be greedy or trying to play them, which will make them angry. However, if you can provide them with any shred of independent evidence that supports your assertion that you were indeed injured, a Phoenix injury lawyer can use that to make a compelling argument that you were indeed injured and you are not greedy, but only want fair and reasonable compensation.

That is what our car accident law firm, which is located in Phoenix, Arizona, does for our clients. We examine if there was any tread left at the scene of the accident. We look for that one piece of independent information that we can use to make our client’s case. Our personal injury lawyers know that fender bender accidents in Maricopa County are difficult accidents to bring before a jury. That is why we are upfront with our clients and create a blueprint to independently verify your assertions.

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