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Car Crash

2011 Arizona Statistics For Car Crashes:

Were you involved in a Phoenix car crash? Do you need a Phoenix injury lawyer who represents car crash victims? Our Phoenix car accident law firm can aid you with your car crash. In 2011 there was a total of 103,423 car crashes in the state of Arizona. Of those only 754 fatalities occurred. Of those 754 fatal car crashes 825 people lost their lives. Click here to find more information about Arizona fatal car accident statistics.

Less than one percent of the car crashes in Arizona resulted in a fatality in 2011. These statistics are produced by the Arizona Department of Transportation. On the other hand, about 30% of all crashes on Arizona roads lead to injuries. On the police Phoenix car crashreports used to document Arizona car crashes, there are different levels of injuries than an officer can notate. The four different classifications are as follows: no injury (this does not always mean that a person was not injured. The best Phoenix car accident lawyers know how to persuade a jury that their client was indeed injured, even though the police report says differently. That is what our car accident lawyers are trained to do.), possible injury, non-incapacitating injury, and incapacitating injury. Of all of the car crashes in 2011, 33,030 were listed as injury causing car accidents. Of the 33,030 accidents 49,550 people were identified as being injured in those motor vehicle accidents. The breakdown is as follows: 27,433 possible injuries; 17,547 non-incapacitating injuries; 4,570 incapacitating injuries.

The good news is that the number of car crashes in Arizona went down by 3.16% from 2010. Unfortunately, the number of fatalities rose by 8.70%. In 2011 135 people were injured each day as a result of a car accident in the state of Arizona. More women than men were injured in car crashes in Arizona. 25,384 women were injured in car accidents in 2011 compared to 23,603 men. Finally, people aged 25-34 were the group that was most likely to be injured in an Arizona car crash.

A Value Driven Phoenix Car Accident Law Firm:

Now, here is the reason why you might want to consult with a Phoenix injury lawyer; 31,052 car accidents took place in Phoenix in 2011. Approximately 85 car crashes occurred every day in Phoenix in 2011. An injury lawyer that focuses their practice towards helping people involved in a car accident has insight that can help you make the appropriate decision with regards to you and your family. We also monitor the value of car crash claims. Our car crash lawyers understand that the perceived value of injuries fluctuates. Therefore, it is important to understand the 2011 Arizona car crash statistics to value car accidents. This monitoring of car crashes allows our Phoenix, Arizona car crash lawyers to aid value to each of our client’s claims.

If you or a loved one was involved in a car crash, set up a meeting with any of the injury lawyers, at our Phoenix car accident law firm.