Accident Whiplash

Accident Whiplash

What Is Whiplash:

Car accident whiplash can occur in a number of ways, but most commonly it can be a result of being involved in a Phoenix rear end car accident. These types of car accidents are one of the most common causes of whiplash. If you were involved in a Phoenix car accident, in which you were hit from behind- you may have an accident induced whiplash. What is whiplash? We are not medical professionals, instead we are car accident injury lawyers, but we have consulted with a number of Arizona doctors concerning car accident whiplash. This is what we have learned, car accident whiplash is caused by the acceleration of your body and your head stays still. Most people think their head goes forward when they have been rear-ended, but actually your head goes back. Your car is most likely stopped when you are involved in a Phoenix rear-end car accident. When the other car makes impact your car is quickly accelerated, but your body remains in place. Your car is going forward, but your head ends up going back, which causes the car accident whiplash.

Whiplash is not fatal condition. It is classified as a soft-tissue injury. A Phoenix injury lawyer usually sees many car accident whiplash victims, which is the case for this Phoenix car accident law firm. As a result of the rapid acceleration of your vehicle, your ligaments and muscles that support your cervical spine (neck) to become strained and sprained (torn and ripped). These sprained and strained soft-tissues in your neck, become inflamed causing the pain, stiffness, soreness, and swelling you experience when you have a car accident whiplash.

How Do You Treat Whiplash:

How do you get better after you have experienced a car accident whiplash? One thing that might happen, is to immobilize the neck, by utilizing a neck brace. Another thing that you can do is take NASID depending if you are healthy enough to take a medication like Advil or Motrin. These types of medication will help with the inflammation. Again, we are Tempe, Arizona based car accident personal injury lawyers and not medical professionals. If you were involved in a car accident you should consult with a medical professional. Some car accident whiplash patients receive narcotic medication to help control the pain. Only a licensed medical professional can prescribed this for you. Finally, you can receive a referral to physical therapy. During physical therapy Accident whiplashyou will actively work to strengthen your neck muscles. This will consist of some targeted exercises and stretching. This can be intense, and you will be supervised by your physical therapist. On the other hand, some people elect to see a chiropractor. Chiropractic care is palliative treatment, which means that the treatment is designed to control the pain, but not to cure the root problem. The chiropractor will perform adjustments and treat you with any combination, of heat, ice, electric stimulation, massage, etc. The benefits of this type of treatment is greatly disputed.

That is why if you have a Phoenix chiropractor treat your car accident whiplash, even the best Phoenix personal injury lawyer might not be able to convince a jury that you are not injured. That is why we recommend our Phoenix car accident whiplash clients to see their primary care physician or if they actively treat with a chiropractor or have had chiropractic care in the past to go see a chiropractor.

How A Phoenix, AZ Car Accident Injury Lawyer Can Assist You:

With that said, our personal injury lawyers will respect your chosen type of care. If you decide to treat with a chiropractor we will make sure they are prepared for how they will be attacked by the opposing lawyer. We will make sure that they know to come off as humble. We will conduct a background check on your chiropractor to see if they have been disciplined by the Arizona Chiropractic Board. We will also frame your case in a manner that promotes your integrity. If you or a loved one suffered a car accident whiplash injury, contact a Glendale car accident personal injury lawyer free of charge. Call us today!