Frequently Asked

Do you always win your Phoenix car accident cases? 

No.  Winning can mean a lot of different ways, and can be spun a hundred different ways.  Yet, with all that said.  Sometimes you simply lose your case.

Why should I hire you for my Phoenix car accident case?

Because I will treat you with respect and ask you to do the same.  I will take a deep personal interest in your case.  Not the paralegal, but the actual Phoenix car accident attorney assigned to handle your case.  I will not try to sell you something that you do not need.

You do not sound like other Phoenix car accident attorneys? 

That is because I am different. I have worked as in-house attorney for one of the largest auto insurance companies. I do not need to stick my chest out and pound on the table. I will not fill your head with stories about how much money you are going to get and then under deliver. I pride myself on being an excellent car accident attorney.

Why won’t you send me to a chiropractor like other Phoenix car accident attorneys? 

If your attorney has to send you to their “chiropractor” or to their “doctors” then maybe you really do not have a legitimate case.  What we do is help people get fair and reasonable compensation from the other driver.  I do not manufacture cases.  I am not looking to become a car accident law mill.  I want to be viewed as honorable Phoenix car accident attorney who practice the right way.

Who is your perfect client?

My perfect client is someone who does not see a car accident as a meal ticket.  I want to represent people who are dependable.  A client that can use technology is an ideal client for me.  I want people who know how to carry themselves.  I want to represent good people.

Did you run for office?

Yes, I ran for congress in Arizona’s 6th Congressional District. I loss in the Democratic primary.

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