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The complicated past of our beloved country has a storied legacy of policing. If we are going to extol the heroism of the officers who climb the Towers on 9/11, we must also bemoan the officers who led angry white mobs to fire bomb the houses of their black neighbors. When we celebrate them for putting their body on the line to protect people in the community. We must also tell how they allowed mobs to lynch black bodies while offering no resistance. When we create myths of professions, even the profession of law, we do a disservice to the profession as a whole. Only 10% of all police officers will ever have a credible claim of misconduct made against them. 90% will be models of what we expect from our police force. Yet, we all saw the Rodney King footage. Police shootings is just one form of police brutality that a Phoenix civil rights lawyer represents clients for. There are many different types of violations that can make someone eligible for compensation. Police officers who engage in misconduct or commit wrongful actions violate the Constitution and must be held accountable for the public to have any faith in the authority. We all think we know what police brutality looks like, but do we really know? In Arizona we have three of the most brutal police forces: Mesa, Phoenix, and Tucson. One of the biggest charges leveled against citizens is resisting arrest. Many times these claims of “resisting arrest” have been proven to be false. In the summer of 2020 and all of the protest that happened, the allegations against the protestors as exposed by ABC15 and various attorneys and black led movement organizations have shown this to be false charge used as an act of police misconduct to violate a person’s civil rights.

Phoenix Civil Rights Lawyer

Different Types Of Police Misconduct.

A Law Enforcement Officer Allows A Police Dog To Attack A Defenseless Suspect.

One common claim of excessive force, concerns the use of police dogs. Police dogs are treated the same as humans in the eyes of the law. If a police dog is ordered to attack a defenseless suspect the person giving the order is violating the constitutional rights of the suspect. This violation can result in a federal lawsuit in order to secure the person’s rights. An experienced Arizona police brutality lawyer has the experience to review the medical records and the injuries and present the evidence in a manner that can be used at trial. If you or a loved one was the victim of an illegal police dog attack and suffered injuries as a result of this trauma reach out to Gamesq, PLC to have a no obligation free consultation. Call 623-233-4416 or email

The Unnecessary Or Unusual Use Of A Taser.

Tasers were largely welcomed less-than-lethal alternative to a firearm that police officers could use to subdue suspects in the field. However as more data came out we started to see more people being injured by Tasers. When Phoenix law enforcement attempt to tase someone who is already in custody that officer has committed excessive force. This type of misconduct can cause serious damages. Here are some examples of damages they can cause: heart attacks, pain, temporary lost bowl function. Our government has rules and laws that have to be enforced so we can protect all citizens. When we allow law enforcement to recklessly deploy weapons against us, we fail.

Many Arizona personal injury attorneys are afraid to take on the police, not this Phoenix, AZ civil rights lawyer. Contact me today to review your claim free of charge.

Phoenix Police Brutality Lawyer

Unlawful Search Is A Violation Of Your Civil Rights

A person’s civil rights can be violated by an unlawful search. Such searches can be violent. For instance an illegal body cavity search is a type of sexual assault. A victim of this type of wrongful conduct needs a law firm that knows what is legal and what is misconduct. People have been injured from unwarranted searches in Phoenix, AZ. Injuries that can be caused from this type of injustice are physical injuries, like to the vagina or anus. However, the humiliation and the emotional trauma that this personal invasion of privacy can cause is worthy of compensation. Sometimes the only way to obtain justice is by filing a federal lawsuit and calling out the police misconduct at trial.

If you or your loved one was the victim of this type of civil rights abuse call today for a free consultation. We will talk about your case and discuss the merits.

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Can You Sue The City For Police Brutality?

The short answer is yes. There are procedures that you have to follow, such as giving the city notice of the claim you plan to file against them. Law enforcement in the city of Phoenix has lawyers that are paid to protect the police, no matter what law they have broken. No matter how bad the police misconduct is they usually have a government attorney standing right next to them ready to protect them from being held to account. Any time you sue the government you should expect a fight and you best believe that GAMESQ, PLC will fight, because it is our duty to stand up for the families who have been the victims of harm and cry for justice.

Your injury from an excessive force case may vary from others, but you have the right to sue. No matter how many lawyers the other side throws at your claims believe this law firm has your back. We know that we must stand together to make sure we all have civil rights.

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Why You Need A Phoenix Civil Rights Attorney

As mentioned earlier a police officer is going to be able to contact attorneys to protect them and the department from your claims of police misconduct and for breaking Arizona law. You have heard of the “blue wall of silence” that is when other officers fail to call their superiors and report about what the witnessed another law enforcement doing. Their attorneys make sure they get to all potential witnesses and officers monitor the investigation. Some people ask how is it legal for one set of officers to investigate another set of officers misconduct from the same department? It is our belief, as society, that the truth and the law and the legal process should always overcome the biases of individuals. Yet, in Arizona law an attorney cannot be involved in a case if there is just the mere appearance of impropriety. Why this does not exist for police officers when someone’s civil rights have been assaulted, I do not know.

Yet, that is what you are facing when you bring a police misconduct claim. As a Phoenix police brutality lawyer, Garrick must remain true to the Constitution.  That is why you should hire an attorney to build your case from the start. They will have the experience to recognize violations of Arizona legal acts that you might not know. An experienced attorney, like Garrick McFadden, knows the law and the specific Federal Act that might apply to the particular type of misconduct you suffered. That is why he offers a free consultation with a licensed Arizona attorney and not a paralegal or intake specialist. Even if the placed you under arrest, that might have been used to cover for the person who caused the wrong. Contact Gamesq, by phone to discuss your case. Our clients receive the best care and support and legal representation that we can provide. We will review your police misconduct claim and advise you of your options. Call now: 623-233-4416.