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Our country started off that only landowning white men were endowed with “civil rights.” As society progressed more and more Americans were afforded civil rights. As a Phoenix civil rights attorney, I defend your civil rights. Your rights of freedom and personal liberty, which are imbued in every American and everyone who is within our boarders.

There are various laws that protect our civil rights at the Federal, State and Local level. What a Phoenix civil rights lawyer does is weight the facts with the law to determine if a violation of your civil rights has been committed.

Garrick McFadden starts from the place that everyone deserves justice. That our society cannot function in the absence of justice. When attorney Bryan Stevenson was asked what the opposite of poverty was, he opined it was not wealth, but justice. Arizona attorney Garrick McFadden has spent the past decade fighting for the rights of the citizens of all Americans. As a black Phoenix civil rights attorney, Garrick McFadden is ready to roll-up his sleeves to go to work for you or your loved one.

When Are Our Civil Rights Violated?

Our Constitution provides us with certain protections from the government, businesses, police, and our fellow citizens. We have the right to worship the way we deem fit. We have the right to be free from unnecessary searches. We have the right to protest and assemble. We have the right to own and operate firearms. In America, no one is allowed to discriminate against us on the basis of race, religion and national origin.

When a police officer searches you without probable cause, that is a violation of your rights. When the government assess your property higher than your neighbor’s property and you believe it is because of one of your immutable characteristics that is a violation of your civil rights.

In the more extreme cases, if your loved one was shot and killed by police, that can be a serious violation of your civil rights.

You were bestowed with certain inalienable rights, and if you think that any of your civil rights have been violated, call a Phoenix civil rights lawyer. Garrick McFadden can talk to you and discuss your options and evaluate the evidence to determine if you have an actionable civil rights claim. Anyone who violates your civil rights might be responsible to compensate you pursuant to our laws. Garrick McFadden will go to court and work hard to convince a jury that your civil rights were violated.

How Much Does A Phoenix Civil Rights Lawyer Cost?

If you have a case, an Arizona civil rights attorney will work on a contingency basis. That means that you do not pay the civil rights law firm anything unless you receive money. From your civil rights case.

This way you know your Arizona civil rights attorney is dedicated to obtaining justice for you and the community and not just racking up a large legal fees. It might be your claim, but a injustice to one person in our nation is an injustice too all of us.

Send Garrick To Enforce Your Civil Rights!

Phoenix civil rights attorney, Garrick McFadden’s name is known by all of the power-brokers in Arizona. Garrick McFadden has testified before the Arizona legislature and Phoenix city council. He has taken on the Phoenix police union and his own Party. Garrick McFadden has the contacts in the media and with lawmakers to make sure your case gets the proper amount of visibility it requires and to alert the Community about possible violations of civil rights happening in Arizona.

Key Civil Rights Laws

Civil Rights Act of 1866, provided rights to emancipated slaves. It declared that any person born in the United States, regardless of race, is a citizen.

Civil Rights Act of 1871, criminalized violence against African-Americans. The intent was good, but without appropriate enforcement mechanisms and the will to enforce it, this Civil Rights Act was rarely enforced.

Civil Rights Act of 1957, created the Civil Rights Commission. It would take almost eight years before it found its stride.

Civil Rights Act of 1960, created the federal inspection of local voter registration polls. Blacks and Latinos had been subjected to uneven access to the polls.

Civil Rights Act of 1964, was one of the first major pieces of legislation that transformed this country. It banned discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sex, and national origin by federal and state governments. It also banned discrimination in some of our public places.

Civil Rights Act of 1968, was the second major Civil Rights Act. It banned  discrimination in sale, rental, and financing of housing based on race, creed, and national origin.

Types of Cases This Phoenix Civil Rights Law Firm Handles:

Police Brutality 

Unlawful Searches

Wrongful Death

False Arrest

Unlawful Detainment 

Malicous Prosecution 

Failure to Treat an Injury

Attacked By Police Dogs

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