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Our country started off that only landowning white men were endowed with “civil rights.” As society progressed more and more Americans were afforded those same freedoms. However, whispers about who is a citizen and who is not have sometimes morphed into yells or dog whistles. We have seen with our own eyes that America has two different ideas of justice. The promise of liberty and justice for all, has been a broken promise.  As a Phoenix civil rights lawyer, Garrick defends your ability to enjoy your freedom and personal liberty.  Garrick uses his experience as a personal injury attorney to help you prevail in your legal action and make sure you get the rightful compensation you deserve. The rights that are the foundation of this nation are constantly under attack. The right to vote is always under-fire whenever black people show up to the polls to save this country and ourselves from overt oppression. Our ability to protest injustice is being assaulted, because we dare to demand accountability over the continued killing of unarmed black people.      There are various laws that protect our liberty at the Federal, state and local level. Mr. McFadden has a process where he examines the relevant statutes that might apply. Garrick examines the evidence and the laws that might pertain to any particular government entity or government agency that has harmed you. In these types of cases there are a couple different statute of limitations that you have to be mindful of. Garrick takes his time to map out a path to justice upon the his first meeting with anyone who wishes to have a confidential consultation with Gamesq, PLC. He knows that this is a difficult time for some who survived this injury. 

Garrick McFadden starts from the place that everyone deserves justice. That our society cannot function in the absence of justice. When attorney Bryan Stevenson was asked what the opposite of poverty was, he opined it was not wealth, but justice. Arizona attorney Garrick McFadden has spent the past decade fighting for the rights of the citizens of all Americans. As a black Phoenix civil rights lawyer, Garrick McFadden is ready to roll-up his sleeves to go to work for you or your loved one. Call 623-233-4416 to schedule your own zero obligation consultation. 

Our Constitution provides us with certain protections from the government, businesses, police, and our fellow citizens. We have the right to worship the way we deem fit. We have the right to be free from unnecessary searches. We have the right to protest and assemble. We have the right to own and operate firearms. In America, no one is allowed to discriminate against us on the basis of race, religion and national origin. Some of these freedoms are found in the Federal statutes

When a police officer searches you without probable cause, that is a violation. An experienced Phoenix civil rights lawyer understands this. The ability to understand case law and what our Arizona juries are tending to embrace provides a means to better share your damages to the public.  When the government assess your property higher than your neighbor’s property and you believe it is because of one of your immutable characteristics that is plunder. For too long black Americans have been used as America’s penny bank. We have been overcharged for loans, fined and harassed, and taxed at higher rates. All this amounts to is plunder. Garrick works to obtain economic or non-economic compensation for your losses. Our Phoenix civil rights lawyer,  uses his legal experience to properly determine the damages and then plot a course to get our clients fair compensation. 

In the more extreme cases, if your loved one was shot and killed by police, that can be a serious violation of your civil rights. Too many people have been the victim of police misconduct. Police shootings happen in Phoenix at an alarming rate. Police departments try to shield bad police officers from being held accountable for their misconduct. Sometimes, it is not intentional action, but a negligent police officer who causes your damages. 

However, because some of the offenses might be committed by a government agent, there are sometimes caps on damages. That means we can only recover a specified amount, which might be less than the actual damages. These are some of the separate polices for the government, which makes it hard to hold the government accountable. 

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Phoenix Civil Rights Lawyer

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Phoenix attorney, Garrick McFadden’s name is known by all of the power-brokers in Arizona. Garrick McFadden has testified before the Arizona legislature and Phoenix City Council. He has taken on the Phoenix police union and his own Party. Garrick McFadden has the contacts in the media and with lawmakers to make sure your case gets the proper amount of visibility it requires and to alert the community about possible violations of Constitutional Rights happening in Arizona.

Garrick is not afraid to go to trial. He has the has first chaired at least eight jury trials in Arizona. He has extensive experience in trial court rooms. Not just in Maricopa County but all through Arizona. There are many types of laws that pertain to law enforcement officers. Moreover, the defendant is going to be represented by a team of experienced attorneys who know how to navigate the complex process that is our civil justice system. That is why it is important to contact an attorney like Garrick for your civil rights lawsuit. 

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Police Brutality; Unlawful Searches; Wrongful Death; Wrongful Arrest; Unlawful Detainment; Malicious Prosecution Failure to Treat an Injury; and Attacked by Police Dogs.