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Avoid This Costly Mistake If You Have Medicaid And Have Been Injured.

Never Allow Your Personal Injury Lawyer To Send You To A Chiropractor When You Have Medicaid. Unfortunately, I have seen this happen too many times to African-American car accident victims. They start off getting represented by one of those Phoenix personal injury lawyer that has five times more support staff than attorneys. These clients never speak to a lawyer until the intake person has already sent them off to see their chiropractor. The problem is that with Medicaid you will get better care by seeing your primary doctor and being referred to physical therapy, if needed, than receiving chiropractic care. Moreover, you will save more money by getting medical care compared to chiropractic care. Some of these Phoenix car accident lawyers might not truly do what is in their client’s best interests and especially in their black client’s best interest. At this Phoenix, Arizona black-owned car accident law firm, we put the client first: ALWAYS.   What If I Have Medicaid? An experienced attorney will investigate your case, make sure your medical bills are appropriate, and provide you with the means to communicate with you. Medicaid allows you to get access to great medical care. Now, Medicaid will require you to reimburse them for any money that you win in a lawsuit or get from a settlement, but this arrangement will leave more money in your pocket, than if you were treated by a chiropractor. If your Avondale car accident attorney is sending you to a chiropractor when you have… Read More »Avoid This Costly Mistake If You Have Medicaid And Have Been Injured.

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When Is The Best Time To Hire An Arizona Car Accident Lawyer After A Crash?

Almost all of the Phoenix car accident law firms do not require any payment up front from the victims of car crashes. We work on something that is called a contingency fee arrangement. That means the Arizona car accident lawyer does not get paid unless you recover something from the other driver. This is something that potential clients are unaware of. Recently, one client was trying to get their brother on the phone to see if he could help pay for the lawyer. They had to be told, that our fee agreement means that we both share the risk together. That the lawyer believes in your case enough to accept you as a client.  There are advantages and drawbacks from this type of fee agreement. The main advantage is that you and your attorney are in this together, but the main drawback is that if your case presents complexities your attorney might drop you as a client. However, you do not have to pay the attorney up front. You pay your Arizona car accident lawyer for the value they create for your personal injury claim and the compensation they recover for you.  What Is A Contingency Fee Arrangement? A contingency fee is where you pay the fee if you win. This method of payment is usually frowned upon by the community. In fact, some attorneys don’t allow the consumer to do this because of moral objections. Instead, they may charge a lump sum fee for the recovery of the loss.… Read More »When Is The Best Time To Hire An Arizona Car Accident Lawyer After A Crash?

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The Top Five Things To After A Car Accident In 2021

The Top Five Things To Do After A Car Accident In 2021 After a car accident there is too much happening. You could be in pain or shock. Your dream car could be totaled. You are trying to understand how you got yourself in this situation. That is why there needs to be a checklist of things to do after you were involved in a Phoenix car crash. The number one thing you must do, is get yourself to a safe position, but after that here are five things to do after a car accident in 2021: Check For Injuries This is one of the most important things to do after you are involved in a car crash. You need to do a self-assessment of your body to make sure you did not suffer any bodily injuries as a result of the crash. There are many types of injuries that occur in a car crash. The first one is usually a whiplash injury. The second one is from the air bag. If you feel any of these, you need to get medical help right away. If you are injuries are obvious fellow citizens might tell you to stay calm and wait for help to come. You might want to get control of your personal belongings, if you are able.  Call For Help 911 is the number that you need to call. It is the best thing you can do to ensure you get the help you need. Be prepared for… Read More »The Top Five Things To After A Car Accident In 2021

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The Goal To Be The Best Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer (that I can be)

First Step: Let People Know About Your Phoenix Black Owned Car Accident Law Firm: This is Garrick writing, and the first thing on my quest to become the best Phoenix car accident lawyer is letting the community know I exist. For too long I have been living my life just taking care of my family and not sharing my legal talents with Arizona. I was a former defense attorney and I saw many of the personal injury law firms that advertise on TV up-close and personal. It was that experience that made me want to go into business and create something that would benefit the community: Gamesq, PLC. The problem was that I did not create a marketing plan or business plan. So, I broke everything down and started over. That means being intentional about making Arizona aware of my legal experience, my legal education, and my legal training. In order to protect the community, they need to know I exist. Moreover, they need to understand that I am not a step down, but I am the a high quality lawyer. That when you deal with my black owned law firm, you deal with an attorney and not an army of paralegals. If I don’t tell the truth about my accomplishments then no one is going to know. So, in April of 2021 I started advertising. This is the first time in my legal career that I have let people know about myself. I believe that I have everything that… Read More »The Goal To Be The Best Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer (that I can be)

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People With Fibromyalgia In Car Accidents

People With Fibromyalgia In Car Accidents If you have fibromyalgia you know that a lot of people doubt your struggle. They don’t believe you when they say you have had good days and bad days. They don’t know that your fibromyalgia can be debilitating and sap you of your energy. Leaving you confined to your bed or couch for the day, if you are lucky. It is even worse when you have fibromyalgia and you are a car accident. That is why retaining a car accident lawyer is so important. It is necessary for you to find a Phoenix personal injury lawyer who understands this pre-existing condition and knows how to tell your story so that it is credible and resonates with the fact-finder, be it a jury, arbitrator, claims adjuster, or judge. People Simply Don’t Believe Fibromyalgia Exist: There is a number of good doctors who simply do not believe that Fibromyalgia is a real condition. For some of you, fibromyalgia has ruined friendships, marriages, relationships with loved ones, employment opportunities, and is about to ruin your legitimate car accident claim. Not all Phoenix medical doctors agree on fibromyalgia. So it is very easy for an Arizona insurance company to find a perfectly reasonable medical doctor to testify about you and your accident related symptoms who doubts the existence of fibromyalgia. They can even go out of their comfort zone and find a new doctor instead of their stable of hired guns. Our Phoenix car accident attorneys also know… Read More »People With Fibromyalgia In Car Accidents

Car accidents can worsen fibromyalgia

Can A Car Crash Worsen Fibromyalgia

Can Car Accidents Worsen Fibromyalgia ? The answer is yes: car accidents worsen fibromyalgia. In a Canada court trial, where the Plaintiff was involved in an auto accident, her auto accident attorney had her doctor testify that as a result of the car accident her fibromyalgia had worsened. There are a number of factors in this case that do not make it the typical case, but the medical proof offered in this case suggested that fibromyalgia can not only be aggravated by a car accident, but it can be made worse. We have written about how a Phoenix auto accident attorney from our auto accident law firm would handle a case with a client who has fibromyalgia. The woman was awarded over $366,000.00. The Facts Of This Auto Accident Case: In this instance the woman was traveling at about 90 KM per hour and a truck towing a U-Haul trailer pulled out and hit her in the left side (this was horrible reporting on the court case, because all cars should be referred to by either driver side or passenger side). The trailer bounced in the air and struck the woman’s car a second time. She was traveling with her 2-year-old child. She did not know what her body did in the car, she was focused on not losing control. The woman had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia in the past. We must say that her auto accident attorney was very skilled and brave to embrace her fibromyalgia diagnosis. Many Phoenix… Read More »Can A Car Crash Worsen Fibromyalgia

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Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer Fees: The Truth

Phoenix Car Accident Attorney’s Fees I wanted to discuss the topic of Phoenix car accident attorney fees today. You see Phoenix personal injury lawyers charging between 29% to 40% to handle a car accident claim until trial. We charge 33% up to trial, because we have over a decade of experience of handling nothing but Phoenix auto accidents. Garrick A. McFadden, Esq. is a graduate of a top 20 law school (University of Southern California Gould School of Law) and he handles your claim, not an intake specialist or paralegal. Our Phoenix car accident attorney’s fees are centered around creating value for our clients. The best Phoenix car accident attorney knows that they can create or add very little to certain car accident situations. For instance, why should we get 33% when the person has a policy limit of $25,000.00 and you have day of loss medical bills of $18,000.00. This is a clear instance where the insurance company should pay you their driver’s policy limit. What value did a Phoenix car accident attorney bring to your case to justify 20% or 33% of the recovery? If you said, nothing we are in agreement with you. That is why we will work with you to find a fixed amount that makes sense for both sides to help you recover the extra amount. However, there will be hard work to do in that situation such as negotiating your medical bills with your insurance company and the hospital. There is also the… Read More »Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer Fees: The Truth

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Discount Personal Injury Lawyers And Their Army Of Paralegals

Discount Personal Injury Lawyers And Their Army Of Paralegals Phoenix discount personal injury lawyers equals an army of paralegals, legal secretaries, intake specialist, and other titles they make up to confuse you and comfort you to know that a car accident lawyer will not be handling all aspects of your case. While we worked for insurance companies and did insurance defense work, we saw too many times where the attorney met the client for the first time at the deposition. When you are testifying the jury, the judge, or the arbitrator needs to feel a real connection between you and your Phoenix car accident lawyer. They need to know that what you are asking for is not all about money, but you are demanding your dignity. You have a right to be placed in the same position you were in before the car accident per Arizona law. So when we see Arizona car accident law firms questioning other law firm rates, we question why don’t you have more car accident lawyers handling your clients’ cases? With GAMESQ, PLC Only A Licensed Attorney From A Top 20 Law School Will Touch Your Case: That is Gamesq, Plc’s promise to our clients. You pay for a Phoenix car accident lawyer, not a paralegal. We charge a 33% contingency rate, which is industry standard, but unlike the Phoenix discount personal injury lawyers with their army of paralegals and other made-up titles for people who are not Arizona licensed attorneys to handle your case… Read More »Discount Personal Injury Lawyers And Their Army Of Paralegals