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What Is A Recorded Statement? And Why Does the Insurance Company Want One?

What Is A Recorded Statement? And Why Does the Insurance Company Want One? After a car accident you are supposed to file a claim with either your insurance company or the person who caused the crash. This is the first step that you need to do. Some people reach out and call a personal injury lawyer. After a short conversation, they might hire the lawyer to represent them. GAMESQ, has filed many claims on behalf of our clients. However, if you do this on your own you will need to call the insurance company. After the intake has been processed a claims professional will be assigned that adjuster will want to take your recorded statement. You must give your insurance company your statement, pursuant to your duty to cooperate. However, this statement can come back and harm your car accident case, if you are not prepared. We are going to discuss what a this statement is, why the insurance company wants one, mistakes avoid, and do you need to hire a Phoenix car accident lawyer? What Is A Recorded Statement?  This is a statement where your insurance company has the opportunity to ask you questions and gather information that can be used in the investigation of your car accident claim. This usually only happens if you file a claim for the damages done to your vehicle or suffered by you or your passengers. A recorded statement is used for the purpose of determining who was driving when a crash occurred.… Read More »What Is A Recorded Statement? And Why Does the Insurance Company Want One?

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What To Do About A Parking Lot Car Accident.

What To Do About A Parking Lot Car Accident What happens when you’re in a crash that takes place on private property? What options do you have? How do you document the crash so that your insurance company believes that you are not responsible for causing the harm? Yet, how do you do this to avoid being too off-putting to the other driver? These are some of the factors that caused me, an experienced Phoenix car accident lawyer to write this post. Allow me to share just some of the issues people find themselves confronted with each and every day, when they are involved in a parking lot accident? Usually the police do not come to the scene of the crash because this is private property. That means you have to do a great job of documenting the scene of the accident. You need to take photographs of where your car is and where the car that hit you is, you need to be able to record as soon as possible all of the events. Leading up to the crash. In Phoenix, Arizona, you need a personal injury lawyer that has the experience and knowledge to know how to reconstruct a car accident that takes place in a parking lot, most of these accidents happen at rather low rates of speed compared to driving on the I-17 in Phoenix. These types of car incidents do not have the jaw-dropping damage that juries can point to and conclude that someone would’ve been… Read More »What To Do About A Parking Lot Car Accident.

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How We Create Fair Compensation For Phoenix Car Accident Victims!

Thoughts From A Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer! I was recently asked by a potential client, how do I help Phoenix car accident victims get fair compensation for a Phoenix car crash? I started to explain there is five things that I do to help people who have been injured in a car accident obtain what is owed to them by Arizona law. In Arizona, the person who causes you harm has a duty to place you in the same position that you were in immediately before the harm occurred. So what I have done is I’ve created a system. That helps my Phoenix car accident victims obtain fair compensation from the car insurance company of the person that caused the car accident. This system is based on my years of experience of handling Avondale car accidents, first as a defense attorney for one of the largest car insurance companies in the world. My system for achieving maximum compensation for car accident victims also comes from my experience of trying Phoenix car accidents in the Maricopa court system. I’ve even tried cases in Pinal County and Pima County. Based on my years of experience I have been able to determine that this system works best for people who have been injured in Phoenix car crashes.  Make Sure The Insurance Company Does Not Try To Blame My Client For the Car Crash.  I make sure that my clients do not have any liability assessed against them, when it is not warranted. My… Read More »How We Create Fair Compensation For Phoenix Car Accident Victims!

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Black Car Accident Victims Need Someone Who Knows Our History

Black Car Accident Victims Need Someone Who Knows Our History Before I ran for Congress. I had a string of three cases in a row where my black car accident clients had been involved in serious car accidents. And they all went to the emergency room. However, all three of these black clients were never diagnosed for fractures. All  three of them needlessly suffered, because doctors failed to do their jobs. They had the type of  pain that only a fracture can produce and they suffered, because these doctors in Phoenix, Arizona, could not diagnose a fracture. One of these clients had a fracture in his hand. The pain that he had to suffer through was compounded because he went to a chiropractor before he hired me to be his personal injury lawyer.  He had retained another Arizona car accident law firm, this law firm blindly sent him to a chiropractor when he needed medical attention. On the other hand,  the other two clients signed up with me from the beginning. I listened to them talk about what they were experiencing, what limitations they were experiencing. I learned about their pain and hardships. And based on what I had read, what I knew, my past experience as being a defense insurance lawyer for car accident companies. I realized that there was something physically wrong with each of these clients. I told them to demand to go see a specialists, and when each of them got a second opinion, they found… Read More »Black Car Accident Victims Need Someone Who Knows Our History

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Should You Install A Dash Cam In Case You Get Into A Car Accident?

Should You Install A Dash Cam In Case You Get Into A Car Accident? Someone called GAMESQ, PLC after being involved in a car crash on the I-17 today. They were involved with another crash, they called it a fender bender, so they did not call the police. However, a couple of hours later this person calls all irate because the person who hit him told the insurance company it was his fault. He suggested if the had a a dash cam he would have evidence of whose fault it was. That got me thinking: is the best insurance against proving who caused the car crash today a dash cam? I think so. So this is why you need to install a dash cam. What Is A Dash Cam? A dash cam, is a small camera that mounts directly on the windshield of your car. You can get all kinds of dash cams with different resolutions. It records the car, however if you are riding in the car with someone else you can also record them. It will record everything going on in the car. It can be used for recording hazards and situations. Some dash cams even have a built-in camera on the back of the car to record the driver. They are easy to install and can save footage for a longer period of time. You can keep an eye on the dash cam when driving. Before installing a dash cam, I suggest you research a bit to… Read More »Should You Install A Dash Cam In Case You Get Into A Car Accident?

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7 Red Flags To Watch For When Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer (2021)

Too many people are so rushed to hire a personal injury lawyer they grab the first one they see on TV or are referred to by their chiropractor. Instead, of looking at obvious red flags, they ignore them and end up, many times, getting less financial compensation for all of their damages they suffered from their accident. This article seeks to explore the 7 red flags to watch for when hiring a personal injury lawyer in 2021. A lot has changed during the practice of personal injury law from just a couple of years ago. Here we go.   1. Your Car Accident Lawyer Has Zero To Little Civil Trial Experience. Insurance companies track who goes to trial and who does not. They know that the attorneys who have never gone into trial are the ones they can get to cave. They know that these personal injury lawyers are afraid of facing juries. They usually identify them as mill-law-firm, one that spends more time advertising then practicing law. If your case has any complexities to it, they know that they can take advantage of those complexities.  The first question is how many civil jury trials have you first-chaired? If you do not see any trial experience, then that personal injury lawyer might be leaving money on the table. No, not many attorneys go to trial anymore. However, if you have practiced personal injury law over 10 years and have never gone to trial that is a red flag.  Again, a… Read More »7 Red Flags To Watch For When Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer (2021)

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Why Should I Sue For A Car Accident

Why Should I Sue For A Car Accident? People hire a car accident lawyer to handle the fallout from a car accident for various reasons. Some people just do not want to deal with the insurance company. Others want to feel they have control of the situation by hiring a car accident law firm to walk them through the whole process. Some people hire a car accident lawyer after they feel the insurance company disrespects them with a lowball offer. In fact one Garrick A. McFadden’s Esq, first personal injury clients was a pregnant woman who was only being offered $500.00 over her medical bills. Did I mention that this beautiful woman was pregnant at the time of her Scottsdale car accident? She was so mad that that she was determined to hire the best Phoenix personal injury lawyer that she could find, and she choose Garrick. To us this was a no brainer, because the insurance company was not being fair with her. She did not want to hire a car accident lawyer, but her hand was forced. Garrick added value to her claim and put her at ease. Garrick even respected one of her wishes, which he was totally against…but she wanted to do it regardless. She wanted to pay her health insurance company back whatever amount they had requested from her. Garrick could have negotiated the bill, but this was her wish and was important to her so it was important to Garrick. GAMESQ, PLC’s lawyers listen… Read More »Why Should I Sue For A Car Accident

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Motorcycle Accidents Keep Claiming Lives In Arizona

Another Motorcycle Crash Claims Another Life In Arizona: The news is almost too much to handle. Another person died in a Phoenix motorcycle crash this year. This loving father passed away after two weeks of fighting for his life. Now it is time to rest. The news reports give testimony of a life lived well with lots of friends and family. The only good thing about this crash was that loved ones far and wide got to come to Phoenix to be by his bedside and say goodbye. Now his family and loved one has to pick up the pieces of a shattered life. The decedent allegedly rear-ended the car in front of him, which caused the fatal collision. With this being a rear-end accident the fault is going to be presumed to be on that of the motorcyclist. That means that his heirs need to hire a Phoenix wrongful death lawyer. You Need A Wrongful Death Lawyer To Investigate This Crash: Now, one letter from a wrongful death lawyer is most likely all that it is going to take to get the other driver’s policy limits. The argument could be made that the wrongful death attorney will be needed more to pay off any liens based on two weeks in the hospital. Also there is Underinsured Motorist coverage to go after. There is a lot of value that a motorcycle accident lawyer can add to case such as this. There Needs To Be A Way To Stop These Deaths:… Read More »Motorcycle Accidents Keep Claiming Lives In Arizona

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Car Accident Whiplash

Car Accident Whiplash: You often hear people speak about getting in a Phoenix car accident and have whiplash. However, what is whiplash. How long does it last? What causes whiplash? Why does it hurt so long? Is car accident whiplash serious? These are all great questions, and the best person to address these types of questions is a doctor and not a Phoenix car accident whiplash lawyer. However, here are some answers that we have learned from representing people who have suffered car accident whiplash. What Is Whiplash: Whiplash is the procedure of when you are struck from behind and your body accelerates backwards and your neck stays same and then your body accelerates forward. This motion causes muscles in your back and and neck to be strained and sprained. A sprain or strain is the actual tearing of muscles of various microscopic degrees. The muscles in most of us are not strong enough in our neck to stop the force and stabilize our head from going back while the rest of our body goes forward. How Long Does Car Accident Whiplash Last: The acute pain can last for a number of weeks in a healthy individual with no history of neck pain, neck instability, or spinal stenosis. Normally, the human body will heal from this injury over a period of six to eight weeks. However, in those first days and weeks a car accident whiplash injury is really unpleasant. It down right hurts. Why Does Whiplash Hurt For So… Read More »Car Accident Whiplash

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Self Driving Car Accidents

Self Driving Car Accidents: As we move towards self-driving cars one question we have not asked and explored is how long do these cars last. Ford came out recently and said their self driving cars only last four years. However, most Americans do not have the means to afford a new car every four years. What responsibility does Ford or other automakers have to remove this vehicles from the road once they reach four years? Will Self Driving Cars Create More Economic Inequality? The used vehicle market is how many Americans acquire their cars. Yet, what will happen when a self driving car is three years old. Will someone be willing to obtain the car for the last year of service. If the self driving car is involved in a motor vehicle accident who should be held liable? Should it be the owner of the vehicle or the manufacturer? Will car insurance companies even cover a self-driving car when it gets older than four years. Will the federal or state governments subsidize the cost of these vehicles even though they might be priced above what a working family can afford? Self Driving Car Crashes Since these vehicles are programmed by humans the algorithm carries in it, the implicit and explicit bias that the programmer have. We have seen how these cars fail to see black people. We have seen this same structural racism in facial recognition software, and in risk assessments for parole and bail. As a Phoenix car accident… Read More »Self Driving Car Accidents