Garrick A. McFadden, Esq.

Garrick A, McFadden, Esq. is a trial attorney, located in Phoenix, Arizona. He has dedicated his life to the original charge of this nation: to form a more perfect union. He got one of the first decisions in the state of Arizona that protected the rights of same-sex couples. In 2020 he served as a Vice-Chair for the Arizona Democratic Party. He was elected as a Joe Biden delegate for #AZ06. Now he spends his time trying to protect the rights of citizens who have had their civl rights infringed and the intersection of race, politics and law.

Recorded Statement

What Is A Recorded Statement? And Why Does the Insurance Company Want One?

What Is A Recorded Statement? And Why Does the Insurance Company Want One? After a car accident you are supposed to file a claim with either your insurance company or the person who caused the crash. This is the first step that you need to do. Some people reach out and call a personal injury lawyer. After a short conversation, they might hire the lawyer to represent them. GAMESQ, has filed many claims on behalf of our clients. However, if you do this on your own you will need to call the insurance company. After the intake has been processed a claims professional will be assigned that adjuster will want to take your recorded statement. You must give your insurance company your statement, pursuant to your duty to cooperate. However, this statement can come back and harm your car accident case, if you are not prepared. We are going to discuss what a this statement is, why the insurance company wants one, mistakes avoid, and do you need to hire a Phoenix car accident lawyer? What Is A Recorded Statement?  This is a statement where your insurance company has the opportunity to ask you questions and gather information that can be used in the investigation of your car accident claim. This usually only happens if you file a claim for the damages done to your vehicle or suffered by you or your passengers. A recorded statement is used for the purpose of determining who was driving when a crash occurred.… Read More »What Is A Recorded Statement? And Why Does the Insurance Company Want One?

Parking lot

What To Do About A Parking Lot Car Accident.

What To Do About A Parking Lot Car Accident What happens when you’re in a crash that takes place on private property? What options do you have? How do you document the crash so that your insurance company believes that you are not responsible for causing the harm? Yet, how do you do this to avoid being too off-putting to the other driver? These are some of the factors that caused me, an experienced Phoenix car accident lawyer to write this post. Allow me to share just some of the issues people find themselves confronted with each and every day, when they are involved in a parking lot accident? Usually the police do not come to the scene of the crash because this is private property. That means you have to do a great job of documenting the scene of the accident. You need to take photographs of where your car is and where the car that hit you is, you need to be able to record as soon as possible all of the events. Leading up to the crash. In Phoenix, Arizona, you need a personal injury lawyer that has the experience and knowledge to know how to reconstruct a car accident that takes place in a parking lot, most of these accidents happen at rather low rates of speed compared to driving on the I-17 in Phoenix. These types of car incidents do not have the jaw-dropping damage that juries can point to and conclude that someone would’ve been… Read More »What To Do About A Parking Lot Car Accident.

Fair Compensation

How We Create Fair Compensation For Phoenix Car Accident Victims!

Thoughts From A Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer! I was recently asked by a potential client, how do I help Phoenix car accident victims get fair compensation for a Phoenix car crash? I started to explain there is five things that I do to help people who have been injured in a car accident obtain what is owed to them by Arizona law. In Arizona, the person who causes you harm has a duty to place you in the same position that you were in immediately before the harm occurred. So what I have done is I’ve created a system. That helps my Phoenix car accident victims obtain fair compensation from the car insurance company of the person that caused the car accident. This system is based on my years of experience of handling Avondale car accidents, first as a defense attorney for one of the largest car insurance companies in the world. My system for achieving maximum compensation for car accident victims also comes from my experience of trying Phoenix car accidents in the Maricopa court system. I’ve even tried cases in Pinal County and Pima County. Based on my years of experience I have been able to determine that this system works best for people who have been injured in Phoenix car crashes.  Make Sure The Insurance Company Does Not Try To Blame My Client For the Car Crash.  I make sure that my clients do not have any liability assessed against them, when it is not warranted. My… Read More »How We Create Fair Compensation For Phoenix Car Accident Victims!

George Floyd

I Am Exhausted…And So Are You.

I am black and I am exhausted. This journey we embarked on, as a nation, to reckon with the myths we tell about America has left me drained. Before the world knew George Floyd’s name I devoured books that were the intersection of our complex shared history, race, law, and policy. I read all of the notable names. I watched their lectures. I scoured the internet for interviews. I consumed the knowledge with an insatiable appetite. I started with a question. Each book I read allowed me to refine the question. The authors forced me to rephrase the question so it was more precise. I realized at one point I was not even asking the right question. Where our history, race, law and policy intersect, I am confident to scrap with anyone. I am unafraid to wade, by myself, into unfriendly territory and spar with the opposition. Then, we learned George Floyd’s name.  We all watched Darnella Fraizer’s cellphone video, of George’s life slowly being squeezed out of him. I witnessed streets I knew, from my childhood, teens, and early twenties ablaze at night and smoldering in the dawn. When I was 19 I ventured to Lake Street, to have a profound transformation of my own. I had spent my freshman year in college growing my hair, so that I could make the pilgrimage from the confines of the southern suburbs to Lake Street to have my hair locked. My conservative father drove me the first time, for my initial… Read More »I Am Exhausted…And So Are You.

Phoenix personal injury lawyer

Black Car Accident Victims Need Someone Who Knows Our History

Black Car Accident Victims Need Someone Who Knows Our History Before I ran for Congress. I had a string of three cases in a row where my black car accident clients had been involved in serious car accidents. And they all went to the emergency room. However, all three of these black clients were never diagnosed for fractures. All  three of them needlessly suffered, because doctors failed to do their jobs. They had the type of  pain that only a fracture can produce and they suffered, because these doctors in Phoenix, Arizona, could not diagnose a fracture. One of these clients had a fracture in his hand. The pain that he had to suffer through was compounded because he went to a chiropractor before he hired me to be his personal injury lawyer.  He had retained another Arizona car accident law firm, this law firm blindly sent him to a chiropractor when he needed medical attention. On the other hand,  the other two clients signed up with me from the beginning. I listened to them talk about what they were experiencing, what limitations they were experiencing. I learned about their pain and hardships. And based on what I had read, what I knew, my past experience as being a defense insurance lawyer for car accident companies. I realized that there was something physically wrong with each of these clients. I told them to demand to go see a specialists, and when each of them got a second opinion, they found… Read More »Black Car Accident Victims Need Someone Who Knows Our History

Personal Injury lawyer

Avoid This Costly Mistake If You Have Medicaid And Have Been Injured.

Never Allow Your Personal Injury Lawyer To Send You To A Chiropractor When You Have Medicaid. Unfortunately, I have seen this happen too many times to African-American car accident victims. They start off getting represented by one of those Phoenix personal injury lawyer that has five times more support staff than attorneys. These clients never speak to a lawyer until the intake person has already sent them off to see their chiropractor. The problem is that with Medicaid you will get better care by seeing your primary doctor and being referred to physical therapy, if needed, than receiving chiropractic care. Moreover, you will save more money by getting medical care compared to chiropractic care. Some of these Phoenix car accident lawyers might not truly do what is in their client’s best interests and especially in their black client’s best interest. At this Phoenix, Arizona black-owned car accident law firm, we put the client first: ALWAYS.   What If I Have Medicaid? An experienced attorney will investigate your case, make sure your medical bills are appropriate, and provide you with the means to communicate with you. Medicaid allows you to get access to great medical care. Now, Medicaid will require you to reimburse them for any money that you win in a lawsuit or get from a settlement, but this arrangement will leave more money in your pocket, than if you were treated by a chiropractor. If your Avondale car accident attorney is sending you to a chiropractor when you have… Read More »Avoid This Costly Mistake If You Have Medicaid And Have Been Injured.

Phoenix black owned law firm

A Black Man Was Lynched In Minnesota: A Retrospective

A Story About My Bloodline A black man was lynched in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was the descendant of chattel slaves like me. My grandmother’s grandparents were chattel slaves. My mom’s grandparents were children of chattel slaves. My grandmother was the grandchild of chattel slaves. At one point in my bloodline all my ancestors saw behind them was generations of chattel slaves. When they peered into the future all they could imagine was generations of chattel slaves.  My grandmother’s grandparents told her a story about when they were slaves. My grandmother told me, her grandson, the same story. Now I share that story with you. A chattel slave had escaped the plantation. The overseer organized a search party to find the chattel slave and bring the property back to the plantation. The overseer also had instructed the remaining chattel slaves to cut wood and pile it in a certain way so that when the property had been returned to the plantation it could be placed in the wood and be destroyed with fire. The overseer told each of the chattel slaves it would be their responsibility to keep the property from leaving the fire. They would be provided with hoes, rakes, shovels, and axes to keep the property in the middle of fire, while the overseer and other whites watched.  My grandmother’s grandparents told her that it was that day that all of the chattel slaves were going to turn those tools on the overseer and anyone else who demanded they… Read More »A Black Man Was Lynched In Minnesota: A Retrospective

Car Accident

Should You Install A Dash Cam In Case You Get Into A Car Accident?

Should You Install A Dash Cam In Case You Get Into A Car Accident? Someone called GAMESQ, PLC after being involved in a car crash on the I-17 today. They were involved with another crash, they called it a fender bender, so they did not call the police. However, a couple of hours later this person calls all irate because the person who hit him told the insurance company it was his fault. He suggested if the had a a dash cam he would have evidence of whose fault it was. That got me thinking: is the best insurance against proving who caused the car crash today a dash cam? I think so. So this is why you need to install a dash cam. What Is A Dash Cam? A dash cam, is a small camera that mounts directly on the windshield of your car. You can get all kinds of dash cams with different resolutions. It records the car, however if you are riding in the car with someone else you can also record them. It will record everything going on in the car. It can be used for recording hazards and situations. Some dash cams even have a built-in camera on the back of the car to record the driver. They are easy to install and can save footage for a longer period of time. You can keep an eye on the dash cam when driving. Before installing a dash cam, I suggest you research a bit to… Read More »Should You Install A Dash Cam In Case You Get Into A Car Accident?

A Promise Land

A Promise Land Denied: A Critique Of Obama’s Presidency

“Through them, I resolved the lingering questions of my racial identity. For it turned out there was no single way to be Black; just trying to be a good man was enough.” ― Barack Obama, A Promised Land Tweet President Obama Failed Black America. President Obama failed black America. I do not enjoy writing these words, but this is my overwhelming impression after reading A Promise Land. It was not his policies that failed us, but his failure to confront the ugliness that his ambition, ability and assent to national prominence summoned.  America had been asleep. As Coates describes, we were all trapped in the Dream. Yes, the four officers who beat Rodney King were acquitted, but so was OJ. President Bush botched the response to Katerina, but he failed to protect the Towers. James Byrd was lynched, but so was Matthew Shepard. We were all asleep in the Dream.  Barack charged into our lives. He gave the speech of a generation at the DNCC in 2004. It appeared that he was going to be the next Oprah, Secretary Powell, or Michael Jordan. A person’s whose immense talent and professional capabilities allowed them to be accepted as white. When he exclaimed, “Well, I say to them tonight, there is not a liberal America and a conservative America — there is the United States of America. There is not a black America and a white America and Latino America and Asian America — there’s the United States of America.” That was… Read More »A Promise Land Denied: A Critique Of Obama’s Presidency

Arizona Car Accident Lawyer

When Is The Best Time To Hire An Arizona Car Accident Lawyer After A Crash?

Almost all of the Phoenix car accident law firms do not require any payment up front from the victims of car crashes. We work on something that is called a contingency fee arrangement. That means the Arizona car accident lawyer does not get paid unless you recover something from the other driver. This is something that potential clients are unaware of. Recently, one client was trying to get their brother on the phone to see if he could help pay for the lawyer. They had to be told, that our fee agreement means that we both share the risk together. That the lawyer believes in your case enough to accept you as a client.  There are advantages and drawbacks from this type of fee agreement. The main advantage is that you and your attorney are in this together, but the main drawback is that if your case presents complexities your attorney might drop you as a client. However, you do not have to pay the attorney up front. You pay your Arizona car accident lawyer for the value they create for your personal injury claim and the compensation they recover for you.  What Is A Contingency Fee Arrangement? A contingency fee is where you pay the fee if you win. This method of payment is usually frowned upon by the community. In fact, some attorneys don’t allow the consumer to do this because of moral objections. Instead, they may charge a lump sum fee for the recovery of the loss.… Read More »When Is The Best Time To Hire An Arizona Car Accident Lawyer After A Crash?