In a perfect world...where people actually read these types of boilerplate usury forms our Terms & Conditions would read like this: PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS WEBSITE…you know all caps and ominous. Then it goes the route that says that you agree to all of the terms contained within. Some of that is BS, but here is one that I do agree with…all of the writing you find on here…including this amazing T&C is copyrighted by us. Don’t copy another man or woman’s work…come up with your own material. Do not reproduce, disseminate, copy, produce, distribute, or other wise make available any of this inspired content, but for our express written permission. ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED. I also must say...that NOTHING CONTAINED IN THIS SITE CREATES AN ATTORNEY-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN US! NOTHING ON THIS WEBSITE SHOULD BE TAKEN AS ACTUAL LEGAL ADVICE FOR YOUR INDIVIDUAL CASE. SPEAK WITH A LICENSED ATTORNEY ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL CASE. Our Warranty is this so I guess this is our disclaimer…our WARRANTY DISCLAIMER…everything we provide to you, if we ever provide anything to you is provided “as is” and without warranties of any kind, whether express or implied. This is given the full force of the law that it can be given. The full weight of the judiciary and any applicable laws, statutes, etc. We do not warrant you anything. If you come on our site and get a virus…that sucks…because we do not warrant anything including that our site is clear of malware, viruses, and other cyber nonsense. We also limit our liability, we will not be responsible for any special, punitive, or consequential damages as a result of anything on this site or anything you purchase from one of our affiliates. These terms apply to you as soon as you access this website…what up with that? Yes, I just wrote that. If you need to give us Notice…just send us an email at garrick you know with that @ sign and attach it to to give us notice of whatever you might need to give us notice of. Any disputes are governed by the law of Arizona, and the jurisdiction for any disputes will be in Phoenix, Arizona. Moreover, we can modify the terms of this agreement at anytime, without notice. Moreover, we have comments on here…and we do not encourage anyone posting any crap that libels anyone…but we do not have the means to review all communications on this website in a timely manner. If something offends you send us an email and we will try to get to it. This might not have any weight, but you agree to indemnify us for any bad stuff that you cause and someone sues us for.

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