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Thanks for allowing us to be part of your road back to normalcy, whatever the new normal might mean for you. You are important to us, your trust…your state of mind is very important to us…so we do this privacy statement for your benefit…and for Google’s benefit.

What type of information do we collect? To be honest, I really do not know. I know it is not your social security number or your telephone number, or your address. Oh, wait…I need to call you if you set an appointment…however, that stuff is protected by the attorney-client privilege…so you do not have to worry about me selling that information. If we do use cookies…these are all natural cookies…not made with any refined flour or sugar…can you even have a Paleo cookie? Anyway, I know I am running Google analytics on this website….but as far as tracking you…come on…I am not that sophisticated and I am too busy trying to be the best personal injury attorney in Arizona. I simply do not have time to mess with all of that.

How do we use your information? I have no idea…ok we have Google analytics installed on this website, like I said above. So, I guess we track to see how well we are doing. Ok, if you push a Google+ or Facebook like then we can see that people like us. If you tweet about how great we are…then yes…we are going to see that. I will use your information to set-up an initial consultation with myself or another one of our injury attorneys.

How do we protect your information? The first layer of protection is that we do not even know how to access your information. Moreover, I am the only one who has access to your info. You are not making any transactions on this site so I will never see your credit information. If that is the case we will make sure to encrypt this website. How does that sound? We will not offer anything for sale until we have Secure Socket Layer (SSL) tech on this site and now we have it so we might sale merch, but I think only my Mom and Dad would ever buy that. My daughter would think it is stupid, and my wife would be upset about being involved in that type of gambit.

Do we trade your information or sell your information…hell no. Who the hell are we going to trade it with? That is so creeper…I hate people doing that to me…so I will not inflict that BS on you. Again, we are not going to try to collect your information. I can promise you that we will never sale your info to Fat Tony.

Changes to our policy will be listed here. This Privacy Policy was created on October 8, 2019.

You want to see our Terms and Conditions…click this link. Oh you didn’t think we had one of those? We got, what you got…that is the realist stuff you will ever hear or read. However, this policy only applies to info we get online…not for information we get offline.

Now…by using this website/blog you now consent to our privacy policy.

Sincerely a Phoenix car accident lawyer.