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Garrick most recently served as counsel in the Arizona State House ethics hearing.

Garrick gives thoughts on the passing of one of his political friends.

Garrick was quoted talking about how black people are making moves in Arizona politics.

Garrick was named to Governor Hobbs Tranistion Team becoming the first black male to serve in an Arizona’s Governor’s Tranistion Team.

Garrick wrote an Op-Ed in support of then Secretary of State Katie Hobbs now Governor Hobbs.

When the Avondale police refused to arrest a man who committed an act of racial violence against a member of the community, Gamesq, PLC was called to help get justice.
Activist Garrick McFadden
A little bit about Garrick, before he dedicated his time to building the best black owned and best overall law firm in Arizona.
Garrick was against Prop 207, not because he is against the legalization of cannabis, but because Prop 207 failed to address and heal the harms the war on drugs caused the black community.
Garrick was proud to run with this impressive slate of black folk who wanted to make Arizona a better place. A place worthy of our children.
Garrick is happy to be just one small voice and amplify the work done by other lawyers and black movement organizations.
There is no reason why someone should still be free, after coming into a black person house and telling them they are going to beat them like a slave. No reason.
Activist Garrick McFadden
Garrick holds the board to account for failing to reachout to the black community. There are 30 handgun deaths each day and 15 of the vicitims are black.
Garrick had the honor to be elected as a Joe Biden delegate to the DNCC as well serve as a Vice Chair to the Arizona Democratic Party.