About This Black Owned Law Firm

Black Owned Law Firm

GAMESQ, PLC is a Phoenix Arizona black owned law firm. Its founder is an African-American and the descendent of slaves in the United States of America. This law firm’s business cards, stationary and envelops were all printed by a black owned print shop located in Phoenix. All of the professional photographs on this website were taken by local black photographers

Garrick has been practicing law in Arizona for almost two decades now and he can count his interactions with other black attorneys on one hand. If he wanted change, he needed to be the change he desired in the world. The first thing is to be proud of being who he is: a black Phoenix personal injury lawyer. Second, he needed to create an environment that is welcoming to black folk. On this website you will see photographs of black people: black people riding motorcycles, black business people, black people looking fabulous, black people in pain, black people protesting, and an Arizona black lawyer named Garrick McFadden.

Black Owned Law Firm

This Black Owned Phoenix Civil Rights Firm Is Here To Serve:

The first black attorney Garrick met was the late Johnny Cochran. He would have the honor meeting him twice in his life. The second black lawyer he would meet, would be the man that taught him the law of Torts, that is the foundation of personal injury law: Professor Jody Armor, also known as @NiggaTheory on Twitter. What this means, is that most people have never met a black lawyer before, when they speak to attorney Garrick McFadden, that is their first conversation with a black lawyer. He understands that and aims to give the best legal counsel he can so that people can make an informed choice about their options. Even though Garrick attended one of the best law schools in America, he remains humble and dedicated to a life of service. That is why he had to build this black owned law firm, here in Phoenix. 

A Black Owned Phoenix Car Accident Law Firm:

Garrick honed his litigation skills trying cases for one of the largest insurance companies in the United States. He has handled over 80 arbitrations and eight civil jury trials. His education and training make him one of the best Phoenix car accident lawyers. However, he never thought about going big until now. At this inflection point in America we need to build up black political power and economic power and that means working with people who are aligned with us. Garrick uses the proceeds he receives from each of his cases to invest in the community. He donates to black candidates who share the values he holds dear. Whenever possible he uses black vendors for products, even if it does mean that he is paying more. Those black vendors usually hire black workers, so we are building economic power in the community. This black owned law firm supports other black owned businesses. 

Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer

A Law Firm For The Culture

This law firm is as much yours as it ours. This firm was built to protect the rights of black people in Arizona. It was created to fill a void. The idea of being an advocate, activist and attorney to better the community is the cornerstone of GAMESQ, PLC. Sometimes the culture needs an advocate to stand up for the people. Sometimes it needs an activist to make change on scale. Other times when those with power refuse to listen and do right, it requires an attorney to take them to task. It has been an honor of a lifetime for Garrick to become one of the few African-American lawyers in Arizona. However, the fact that he was able to do it while being one of only a few Phoenix car accident lawyers who graduated from a top school makes it even more remarkable. 

When you hire this firm, you get an attorney whose legal education is second to none here in Arizona. An attorney who brings that “fight on” spirit with him to the courtroom. Give Gamesq, PLC a call today: 623-233-4416.