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Black Civil Right Lawyer

About This Black Arizona Car Accident Lawyer.

My name is Garrick McFadden, and I am an African-American Phoenix car accident lawyer. I am almost 50. I have lived in Phoenix for over 14 years. My parents met at Arizona State University and lived in Chandler. I currently split my time between Arizona and a Washington D.C. suburb in Maryland.

I grew up in Apple Valley, MN. I attended college in Iowa and then earned my Master’s in Business Taxation and a law degree from the University of Southern California. I have been admitted to practice law in California and Arizona for over 17 years.

I have handled personal injury cases in almost every county in Arizona. I have taken and defended over 500 depositions. I have tried over eight civil jury trials. I have returned over $4,000,000.00 to my clients.

I am busy with my family when I am not fighting for my clients. I am involved in local and national Democratic politics. I enjoy cooking and writing about things that matter to me.

Black Civil Right Lawyer
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Why I Am An African American Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer

The reason I am a Phoenix personal injury attorney is that I believe that African Americans in Arizona have been taken advantage of by non-black lawyers. I have had too many people who have been injured in a Chandler, Arizona, car accident call me up and ask me why their car accident lawyer was keeping so much money, and they were getting so little. I asked if they had private health insurance, and they told me they did, but their attorney had sent them to the people they do a lot of business with. So everyone was profiting off of this black person, but the injured black client was not getting any form of fair compensation for their Chandler car accident.

I might not represent a client, but I will tell the truth and arm them with the information they need to decide whether to do this themselves or hire the best Phoenix personal injury law firm.

Top Rated Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer

I want to ensure that survivors of Phoenix car accidents get the legal representation they need. That is what GAMESQ, PLC is about. I built this black-owned law firm to serve Arizona’s underserved black population. Many African Americans move here from various parts of the country and find no black legal representation. I am attempting to fill this void. I have seen what is possible and want to make it a reality.

I bring the best of all worlds to create a unique and powerful black-owned law firm that works for everyone, regardless of race.

Graduated From A Top 20 Law School

I was fortunate to attend and graduate from a top 20 law school. Brains and a hard-hat attitude make me one of the top Phoenix car accident lawyers in Arizona. Less than a handful of us have graduated from a top twenty law school. Ask your Phoenix car accident lawyer where they went to law school. Why not get the best type of car accident lawyer to represent you for your personal injury case?

Experience In Taxation

Not only did I earn my law degree from USC, but I also got my Master’s In Business Taxation. This makes me better suited to create settlements that put more money into my client’s pockets. If it does not make dollars, it does not make sense.

Garrick Arvin McFadden

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