May 2021

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Five Ways Police Can Violate Your Rights In 2021

Five Ways Police Can Violate Your Civil Rights In 2021 Perhaps, for the first time in this nation’s complicated history are law enforcement officials under the microscope. The verdict in the Derek Chauvin case to police officer’s participating in the failed lynching at the Capitol. We saw the havoc our police forces allowed to happen during the #BLMSummer in 2020. With so much pressure and attention there is justified fear that police might be gearing up to violate the rights of fellow citizens. We are going to discus five ways police can violate your civil rights in 2021 in this article. Police Brutality Is One Way To Violate Your Civil Rights Anyone walking on a sidewalk cannot be detained by an officer unless they are suspected of a crime. In law enforcement, suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty and could be detained for over two hours. As a result, #BLMSummer protests were organized around the objective of peacefully standing up to police brutality. The movement used the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter to bring awareness to the fact that Black Lives Matter begins in the front steps of a cop. With this has come an outcry against the idea of that civilians, not police officers should be afforded the right to use deadly force. For black communities across the country the consequences of fearing for one’s life is no joke. Philando Castile killer was never convicted of the brutality he inflicted upon this man. Sometimes police will allow their police dogs to… Read More »Five Ways Police Can Violate Your Rights In 2021