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How We Create Fair Compensation For Phoenix Car Accident Victims!

Thoughts From A Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer!

I was recently asked by a potential client, how do I help Phoenix car accident victims get fair compensation for a Phoenix car crash? I started to explain there is five things that I do to help people who have been injured in a car accident obtain what is owed to them by Arizona law. In Arizona, the person who causes you harm has a duty to place you in the same position that you were in immediately before the harm occurred. So what I have done is I’ve created a system.

That helps my Phoenix car accident victims obtain fair compensation from the car insurance company of the person that caused the car accident. This system is based on my years of experience of handling Avondale car accidents, first as a defense attorney for one of the largest car insurance companies in the world. My system for achieving maximum compensation for car accident victims also comes from my experience of trying Phoenix car accidents in the Maricopa court system. I’ve even tried cases in Pinal County and Pima County. Based on my years of experience I have been able to determine that this system works best for people who have been injured in Phoenix car crashes. 

Make Sure The Insurance Company Does Not Try To Blame My Client For the Car Crash. 

I make sure that my clients do not have any liability assessed against them, when it is not warranted. My system starts with me going to the scene of the crash and reconstructing exactly what happened. I try to have my client explain to me what they did, how the accident was caused from their point of view, and what was said to the police. It is through this process that I can start to develop a defense for my client to ward off any unfounded claim of being responsible for this crash. 

Being a Phoenix car accident lawyer, I have seen so many scenarios where people have been determined to be at fault for a crash when all the evidence shows that they were not responsible. Accordingly, I have built this into my black owned law practice. I have started out with the idea that if I can eliminate the other side from talking about liability, then all we’re going to discuss is damages and I can focus on talking to them about damages.

I use this opportunity to build trust with my clients and get to know them better by preparing them for the recorded statement. A recorded statement is a procedure where the insurance company calls and ask you to talk about the accident and your injuries. Due to the fact that a recorded statement takes place almost immediately after a car accident happens, the insurance company has an opportunity to suck you in with a trap.The trap is they’re going to say that you weren’t too hurt in this car accident and you are going to agree. Since it’s only been a couple of days after the crash you have no idea about the full extent of your injuries. A lot of people fall for this trap, because they’re in a car accident and they’re able to walk away from it. They respond by saying, “yeah, I’m not to hurt,” because the alternative is death. I prepare my clients for a recorded statement  so they can avoid the traps. This is another way that I make sure that they can get fair compensation.

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To Get Fair Compensation From A Car Accident You Need The Right Medical Care.

The second way that I make sure that my clients get fair compensation is that I manage their medical treatment. What do I mean by manage? It means that I talk to them at least twice a week via emails and once every two weeks on the phone. I schedule 15 to 30 minute conversations with my clients. I really drill down on what they’re feeling, their symptoms, any limitations that they’re experiencing in their daily activities.

I ask them if their pain is getting worse. I ask if their exercises are working, are you able to lift more, are you going to be able to return back to work. Then I listen. After enough time, because people want to say that they’re fine in American society, we want to believe that if we will ourselves we can overcome anything. But that’s not the case, especially when you have a herniated disc, when you have an undiagnosed fracture or when you have serious cognitive injuries as a result of having a concussion. Sometimes you need to get the proper medical attention, so I start talking to my clients early and often. I make sure that they are getting the proper medical care that is necessary for them to heal from their injuries. I never send my client to get any medical attention that they do not need or that is wasteful, because that will cause them to lose compensation. The insurance company is not going to compensate somebody for medical care or chiropractic care that they do not need and is not medically necessary for their treatment.

So I have very serious conversations about this. But I also make sure that if they are supposed to go to see a specialist, I want to know that they made that appointment to go see the specialist and I want to know when they’re going to see that specialist. And I want to follow up after the meeting with that specialist to make sure that they know what the specialist said, because unfortunately black people get substandard medical care in America. As a black Phoenix car accident lawyer, I represent a lot of African-Americans and African-Americans have traditionally not received the same level of medical care that other people in American society have received. So it is with this reality that I address each one of my cases.

I Get Fair Compensation For My Clients By Making Sure Our Settlement Demand Package Is On Point.

Third, I get maximum compensation by making sure that we submit the full medical bill. employment file and medical records to the car insurance companies. I tell my clients right off, from the beginning, how the game is played. I tell them, because you have these preexisting conditions, because you have these injuries, the insurance company is going to want two years, or three years of your past medical records. I tell them let us just send that to them right off the bat, eliminate any cause of doubt and let them know that you have never received this type of car accident related medical care before.

And so because you have not received this type of medical care before, these injuries were caused by this car accident. I also make sure that we explore lost earnings, what it means to do your job and to do your job well, and do your car crash injuries affect your ability to get a promotion or did you have to go on short term disability? I take the holistic view of what injuries were caused. GAMESQ,  does not do anything more than the law allows; we do everything that is guaranteed under Arizona law.

Fair Compensation

This Black Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer Is Not Afraid To Go To Court!

As a black Phoenix car accident attorney, I know how the system works to obtain maximum compensation for my clients. The fourth way that I get maximum compensation for our clients is by being willing to file a lawsuit. Now I understand that litigation is scary for a lot of people, they have never been involved in the court system. For me, it is something that I have been doing basically my whole adult life. But I need to understand, and I’m working towards understanding that this is fearful for a lot of people.

So I start the process off by building trust with my client. I let them know that sometimes we’re going to have to file a lawsuit. Sometimes that means that we’re going to get a new insurance adjuster and there’s certain steps that have to be done so that there is new information for the adjuster to give the value that we deem is appropriate. For instance, sometimes we have to hire an expert. Sometimes we will have to have a deposition taken, sometimes we’ll have to have a deposition of their client taken, because sometimes the insurance company does not fully understand what their client is like. 

This Phoenix Personal Injury Law Firm Is Not Afraid To Try A Case!

I am always prepared to go to trial. I make sure that the case is 100 percent ready for trial and make sure that my client is ready for trial and that could be an arbitration or that could be a full jury trial. But what does that mean? That means taking time and preparing the client. I create a script from their deposition in order to prepare them. I get them ready with a script that prepares them for the questions the defense attorney is going to ask, by taking the sting out those questions.

My job is to bring out all of the warts in the case, so if there is a four week gap in treatment, I’m going to ask the client why there is a four week gap in treatment. But before I ask that question, we’re going to already have an answer ready. For example, the four week gap in treatment is because my mother died and I had to go from Arizona to North Carolina and I had to take care of the funeral arrangements and settle the estate. I was the only person that was able to do this, but in the meantime, what I did, as I did my stretches, I did my exercises, I did my I did I took ice. I took heat. I followed the instructions from my primary care physician and from my physical therapist. 

We make sure that we explain every word in the case and then we also prepare to go on the attack. We attack the defense, the person that caused the accident. As a Phoenix car accident attorney, I know that they made decisions and I read it not as an accident, but as a series of poorly thought decisions that created the crash that harmed my client. And thus that is why we’re entitled to fair compensation.

This is what this Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer does to create maximum value for his clients! Call me at 623-233-4416 for a free no hassle consultation.