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Black Car Accident Victims Need Someone Who Knows Our History

Black Car Accident Victims Need Someone Who Knows Our History

Before I ran for Congress. I had a string of three cases in a row where my black car accident clients had been involved in serious car accidents. And they all went to the emergency room. However, all three of these black clients were never diagnosed for fractures. All  three of them needlessly suffered, because doctors failed to do their jobs. They had the type of  pain that only a fracture can produce and they suffered, because these doctors in Phoenix, Arizona, could not diagnose a fracture. One of these clients had a fracture in his hand. The pain that he had to suffer through was compounded because he went to a chiropractor before he hired me to be his personal injury lawyer

He had retained another Arizona car accident law firm, this law firm blindly sent him to a chiropractor when he needed medical attention. On the other hand,  the other two clients signed up with me from the beginning. I listened to them talk about what they were experiencing, what limitations they were experiencing. I learned about their pain and hardships. And based on what I had read, what I knew, my past experience as being a defense insurance lawyer for car accident companies. I realized that there was something physically wrong with each of these clients. I told them to demand to go see a specialists, and when each of them got a second opinion, they found that they had fractures.  One black car accident victim had a fracture in their femur, the other in their scapula. It is important that black car accident victims get the medical attention they deserve.  It is a  must that black people advocate for the appropriate medical care, and if they can’t advocate, hire an attorney who handles car accidents, who understands what car accident injuries are and they will be able to guide you to get the medical attention you need. 

Today, one of my clients, a black woman, on the strength of my consultation for her Avondale, Arizona car accident, took her son to the pediatrician. Right before the crash took place he was reading on his iPad. As a result of the impact, the iPad got rammed into his head and caused a knot to form. She  had taken her son to see a chiropractor. The Chiropractor, did not tell the son to go get any type of medical treatment, even though he complained of headaches. I had listened to what she told me. I had asked her to describe what her son was going through. I asked about the symptoms and I had done so many car accidents claims in Arizona, I believed he had suffered a concussion.

But I am not a doctor. I am a Phoenix car accident attorney. And based on the doctor’s diagnosis, it was found to be that he had a concussion. That is why it is important to hire the right Phoenix car accident attorney. If you would like a free consultation with this black owned law firm, give me a call 623-233-4416