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When Is The Best Time To Hire An Arizona Car Accident Lawyer After A Crash?

Almost all of the Phoenix car accident law firms do not require any payment up front from the victims of car crashes. We work on something that is called a contingency fee arrangement. That means the Arizona car accident lawyer does not get paid unless you recover something from the other driver. This is something that potential clients are unaware of. Recently, one client was trying to get their brother on the phone to see if he could help pay for the lawyer. They had to be told, that our fee agreement means that we both share the risk together. That the lawyer believes in your case enough to accept you as a client.  There are advantages and drawbacks from this type of fee agreement. The main advantage is that you and your attorney are in this together, but the main drawback is that if your case presents complexities your attorney might drop you as a client. However, you do not have to pay the attorney up front. You pay your Arizona car accident lawyer for the value they create for your personal injury claim and the compensation they recover for you. 

What Is A Contingency Fee Arrangement?

A contingency fee is where you pay the fee if you win. This method of payment is usually frowned upon by the community. In fact, some attorneys don’t allow the consumer to do this because of moral objections. Instead, they may charge a lump sum fee for the recovery of the loss. If the case settles out of court, the client is not required to pay the contingency fee until the process is over. How to find a car accident attorney in Phoenix who does not work on a contingency fee basis is going to be a miracle. An Arizona car accident lawyer should bring value to your claim. They should work with you to maximize the value of your case. They should investigate the scene of the Phoenix car crash, to make sure they can convey it to the car insurance company, the defense attorney, witness, judge or the Maricopa County jury.

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Advantages Of Contingency Fee Arrangements

In the event that you do not get any compensation for your damages, the Arizona car accident attorney does not get paid either. Your next big decision is whether you want to work with a lawyer who only works with car accident victims or work with one who can work with all types of cases. As stated above, the contingency fee allows the Arizona car accident lawyer to share some risk with you regarding your Glendale, Arizona car crash. If you just paid an attorney an hourly wage, they could just churn and burn your file. The lawyer could do things that only benefit them. With this arrangement the Phoenix car accident lawyer now has an incentive to make sure you do everything you should do to maximize the value of your case. For example, the Phoenix personal injury lawyer might call you ever two weeks to check in on your medical treatment. They will ask you questions about how you are feeling. What problems you are experiencing, where is the pain located, when is your next appointment. It is by doing these things the lawyer can use their years of experience handling Avondale car accidents to help you make sure you are getting the medical attention you need. They have a vested interest to make sure you are doing every thing that is ethical and legal to maximize your compensation. 

Disadvantages Of Contingency Fee Arrangements

The problem with contingency fee agreement is that a lawyer does little to no work and still gets a percentage. There is an incentive for the lawyer to do as little work as possible on the case and reap the huge rewards. On the other hand, this is the reason a lot of Arizona car accident law firms have an army of paralegals, instead of licensed attorneys. The attorney time is the most expensive time in a law firm. So, if you do not have your attorneys working the files you can be more profitable. That is why some big Arizona personal injury law firms have six to nine support staff for every attorney. That way the law firm can be as profitable as possible, without out adding value. 

The Best Time To Hire An Arizona Car Accident Lawyer After A Car Crash

The best time to hire a car accident lawyer after a car crash is when you are filing your claim against the other driver. This happens when your case has hit the legal system. You have notified your insurance company of the accident, so you will file the claim to claim your losses. You can hire a Phoenix car accident lawyer for your claim if you are also reporting your accident to your insurance company. This means that you have identified the other driver, but do not have the necessary documents to file the claim. When you are not aware of your rights in this area, calling and setting up a free consultation is the best thing you can do. Many Arizona personal injury attorneys will be happy to meet with you to discuss your case for free. This black owned law firm would love the opportunity to discuss your case with you. Call us at 623-233-4416.

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There is no question that finding a legal system that could use Arizona attorney on your case if you have been involved in a car accident or motorcycle accident in Arizona is going to make your case more likely to be resolved. The best time to start the search for an Arizona car accident lawyer is at the very beginning after the crash. There is nothing more frustrating for both you and your attorney than to know that you are up against a driver who is making up an alternate story after the crash and is still causing damage to your vehicle. Make sure that you get in touch with Garrick McFadden right away if you are involved in a car accident. We will be glad to represent you in court and help you and your insurance company resolve this matter.