The Top Five Things To After A Car Accident In 2021

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The Top Five Things To Do After A Car Accident In 2021

After a car accident there is too much happening. You could be in pain or shock. Your dream car could be totaled. You are trying to understand how you got yourself in this situation. That is why there needs to be a checklist of things to do after you were involved in a Phoenix car crash. The number one thing you must do, is get yourself to a safe position, but after that here are five things to do after a car accident in 2021:

Check For Injuries

This is one of the most important things to do after you are involved in a car crash. You need to do a self-assessment of your body to make sure you did not suffer any bodily injuries as a result of the crash. There are many types of injuries that occur in a car crash. The first one is usually a whiplash injury. The second one is from the air bag. If you feel any of these, you need to get medical help right away. If you are injuries are obvious fellow citizens might tell you to stay calm and wait for help to come. You might want to get control of your personal belongings, if you are able. 

Call For Help

911 is the number that you need to call. It is the best thing you can do to ensure you get the help you need. Be prepared for the police officer to arrive first and start a vehicle check. It will confirm that the car is off and that you are walking around unharmed. It will take time for the medical teams to arrive, so stay calm. Medical staff will probably need to help you clean the blood off your body, if there is any blood. It may have splattered everywhere or the blood could be absorbed into your clothes, it is important for you to keep the bloody clothes to show your Phoenix personal injury lawyer, if you hire one or the insurance company. There will be lots of red spots all over your body, it’s actually quite embarrassing. Your arms, legs, and face will be red. If you have the ability take a photo of yourself covered in blood. This will be an excellent real-time depiction of your injuries at the scene of the crash. Then you can show this to a Phoenix car accident lawyer, if you decide to retain one or the car insurance company. 

Talk To The Police

It could be a fender bender, a DUI, or a fatality, you need to call the police. The police department or the Sheriff’s office are usually the first responders to a car accident scene. They are trained to investigate the crash scene and gather any evidence. Give them your information Even though you are going to the police, they might also be involved in the investigation. The Sheriff’s department will collect information from witnesses. Also, they will collect information on your medical history, so they can determine whether or not you are legally entitled to medical treatment. Accident impact reports are an essential part of the investigation. The police officer will ask you questions and you might have difficulty answering them, because you are in shock. If you realize that you were not in your right state of your mind, due to a concussion, you need to contact a lawyer or the police officer to correct the record. Once the police report gets filed, it is hard to contradict it later in a Maricopa County court room. 

Phoenix car accident attorney

Get The Proper Medical Care You Need

Perform basic post-accident treatment like following up with your primary care physician after you have been seen at the hospital. If you did not go to the hospital but start feeling pain, go to the doctor. You might try to take over the counter medicine, but going to see a medical professional is so important. If you are pregnant in a car accident, you really need to see a doctor. There are so many subtle things that could happen, that by the time you perceive something is wrong it could be too late.

Either Call A Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer or Call The Insurance Company

After you call the Phoenix car accident lawyer he or she will need to walk you through a bunch of papers. You have to report the accident and give them all your contact information for the car owners and witnesses. It is best to meet up with the lawyer the next day after the accident to go over everything. The lawyer will explain the next steps in getting the car fixed or your money back from the insurance company. If you hire a car accident law firm, they will contact the insurance company for you to make a claim. 


Car crashes are scary and disruptive. No one plans on getting into a car accident. They are expensive and painful and throw your life in disarray. That is why you need to know your options when you get into a car crash. Make sure that you are safe, make sure you get the proper medical attention you need. We would recommend that you speak with an attorney for car accident injuries, before talking to the auto insurance company, but you need to talk to one. If you would like to talk to a licensed Arizona attorney and not a member of the car accident army of paralegals and intake professionals give us a call: 623-233-4416.