Five Ways Police Can Violate Your Rights In 2021

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Five Ways Police Can Violate Your Civil Rights In 2021

Perhaps, for the first time in this nation’s complicated history are law enforcement officials under the microscope. The verdict in the Derek Chauvin case to police officer’s participating in the failed lynching at the Capitol. We saw the havoc our police forces allowed to happen during the #BLMSummer in 2020. With so much pressure and attention there is justified fear that police might be gearing up to violate the rights of fellow citizens. We are going to discus five ways police can violate your civil rights in 2021 in this article.

Police Brutality Is One Way To Violate Your Civil Rights

Anyone walking on a sidewalk cannot be detained by an officer unless they are suspected of a crime. In law enforcement, suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty and could be detained for over two hours. As a result, #BLMSummer protests were organized around the objective of peacefully standing up to police brutality. The movement used the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter to bring awareness to the fact that Black Lives Matter begins in the front steps of a cop. With this has come an outcry against the idea of that civilians, not police officers should be afforded the right to use deadly force. For black communities across the country the consequences of fearing for one’s life is no joke. Philando Castile killer was never convicted of the brutality he inflicted upon this man. Sometimes police will allow their police dogs to attack a complying suspect. In other instances police can be too forceful when detaining a suspect. There are a lot of ways that a police officer can violate people’s rights, that is why you should consult with a Phoenix civil rights attorney to understand your options.

Racial Profiling Is Unconstitutional

We are going to discuss one way racial profiling might be getting worse in the new year. This past summer the Justice Department launched an investigation into the Cleveland Police Department and the use of excessive force. The investigation came about due to the hundreds of videos and photos which captured the barbaric killing of 12-year-old Tamir Rice in 2014. Rice was shot by police for playing with a toy gun outside of a park. The U.S. Department of Justice released a report in November detailing how Cleveland Police had used excessive force and racially targeted their black victims. Just as things are quieting down in Cleveland with the Rice case, another case arises. Here in Maricopa County, the Sheriff’s office continues its pattern and practice of racially profiling African-Americans and Latinos. These two groups are stopped at higher rates than any other group by deputies. Yet, this is the type of case that can only be performed by the DOJ. A law was changed that takes pattern and practice cases out of the hands of regular civil rights lawyers, and puts it in the hands of the Government. Now, when Trump was president he did not to protect the rights of black people from this type of Unconstitutional behavior. Yet, now that Biden is president his DOJ has already started two cases against Minnesota Police and Ohio police. If you feel that you have been the victim of racial profiling contact the DOJ or an Arizona civil rights lawyer.

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Failure To Read Suspects Their Rights Is A Violation Born In Arizona

There is no foolproof way to anticipate, prevent or predict the coming of criminal activity. What one must do is make sure that suspects know they have the right to remain silent, and to have an attorney present at any police station. In an age where the technology to monitor people’s communications is at our fingertips this is just common sense. Failure to investigate a non-violent crime In the midst of so many police killings it might be surprising to note that some in the community have lost confidence in law enforcement’s ability to determine the difference between serious and non-serious crimes. The Miranda Rights that a suspect must be read is a case that comes from Arizona. If you have invoked your rights to not speak to the police and they keep asking you questions and you start answering those questions, that is a violation of your 4th Amendment civil rights. You need to alert your defense attorney about this immediately.

Illegal Detainment Only Applies In A Few Cases.

Illegal detentions have been heavily documented by the likes of the Center on Constitutional Rights and the NAACP. Unfortunately, most Americans are not aware that they have no protections under the law if their cars are impounded by police for “violation of municipal code.” That is the practice in a growing number of cities and towns. We are not going to allow this type of abuse in Arizona, where you are free from the tyranny of ‘Municipal Code’ bullies. As a result, if you are ever wrongly detained, you can sue the city and the police officers involved in your detention. Outright abuse of the right to counsel It is reported that police will utilize Miranda warnings to protect a suspect’s rights in this new trend of unlawful stop and searches. If you feel that you civil rights were infringed, talk to a Phoenix black owned law firm, GAMESQ, PLC about your situation for free.

Failure To Investigate Crimes Against You Is Happening To Often

In the Chauvin case it appears that the police department failed to investigate crimes against Chauvin, until the people took to the streets. In this case a violent attack, one would think police would investigate it. They are supposed to investigate crimes like rape, assault, or burglary. The Police are supposed to investigate crimes committed against their fellow citizens. We all have the right to be secure in our persons, houses, and wares. A person’s civil rights are violated when police are not properly investigating crimes. Law enforcement leaders should be communicating with crime victims and their attorneys. Too often we have seen the police be reluctant to prosecute or charge someone for committing a crime against a black person, but we all know if the victim was white and the suspect was black they would be arrested. It has become so difficult just to get some police to provide equal protection under the law for all citizens. Sometimes, you need to hire a black Phoenix civil rights lawyer to get the requisite attention your case deserves from the police.

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Conclusion: How To Protect Your Civil Rights.

There are important lessons we can learn from the murder of George Floyd and the repercussions that we are going to experience as a result. Police work in a unique and special atmosphere. We often forget the fear and stress they must face and they ignore the stress and fear that many black folk face when dealing with police. We forget they are human and some police see black people as not human. They need to be supported by us and need to be held accountable to us. Law enforcement officials need to work together to ensure that we do not live in a nation of fear. It is important to remember we are in this together. If we work together we can make our neighborhoods, our states, and our country safer. That means making police officer’s jobs more predictable and eliminating the stuff they are not trained to do. Most police officers do not want and are not trained to deal with people in crisis. Instead, let us fund an army of trained social workers to deal with this population. They do not have the engineering background to recreate motor vehicle accidents, so let us hire engineers to handle all Phoenix car crash injury accidents. If we are going to address the issue of policing in 2021, we need to be creative. If you want to protect your rights call a licensed Arizona attorney at 623-233-4416 for a free consultation.