Black Owned Law Firm

The Goal To Be The Best Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer (that I can be)

First Step: Let People Know About Your Phoenix Black Owned Car Accident Law Firm:

This is Garrick writing, and the first thing on my quest to become the best Phoenix car accident lawyer is letting the community know I exist. For too long I have been living my life just taking care of my family and not sharing my legal talents with Arizona. I was a former defense attorney and I saw many of the personal injury law firms that advertise on TV up-close and personal. It was that experience that made me want to go into business and create something that would benefit the community: Gamesq, PLC. The problem was that I did not create a marketing plan or business plan. So, I broke everything down and started over. That means being intentional about making Arizona aware of my legal experience, my legal education, and my legal training. In order to protect the community, they need to know I exist. Moreover, they need to understand that I am not a step down, but I am the a high quality lawyer. That when you deal with my black owned law firm, you deal with an attorney and not an army of paralegals.

If I don’t tell the truth about my accomplishments then no one is going to know. So, in April of 2021 I started advertising. This is the first time in my legal career that I have let people know about myself. I believe that I have everything that one needs to be recognized as the best Phoenix car accident lawyer. From jury trials to high-dollar settlements I have done it all. Plus I am one of a handful to Phoenix, Arizona car accident attorneys who have graduated from a top-20 law school. When I compare myself to others who occupy space in this arena, I know I measure up to the top Phoenix car accident lawyers. I just have to be my biggest cheerleader. I have given my clients’ life changing money. I have improved the lives of so many people. I know I can do even more, but this is not the Field of Dreams, this is personal injury law, and I am a Phoenix black lawyer claiming what is mine.

Second Step: Communicate With Your Clients And Be Responsive:

One thing that I constantly lose sight on is: litigation is scary to non-lawyers (and to a number of these Arizona car accident lawyers). I have tried over eight jury trials as the main trial attorney. I have arbitrated over 80 cases including about 20 first-party arbitrations. I have argued before Arizona’s appellate courts. I am not afraid. Yet, to the average person this is one of the biggest anxiety inducing experiences they are going to experience. When a car insurance company refuses to provide them with fair compensation they take that personally. I understand that, because they do call this area of law personal injury law, and I am an African-American Phoenix personal injury lawyer.

I guess part of my journey to becoming the best Phoenix car accident lawyer that I can be, is having excellent communication with my clients. Now I set up calls with my clients, even if it is only 15 minutes, every two weeks while they are treating is to let them know they are not doing this alone. I like to check in with them to see how their first physical therapy appointment is. I like to probe them about their car accident injuries, to make sure they are getting the appropriate type of treatment for their injuries.

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Black Owned Law Firm

Third Step: Be Ruthless In Executing On Your Business And Marketing Plans

Now that I have written down what I want to accomplish, and given myself a timeframe I need to make sure that I am hitting metrics. I cannot control if I someone chooses to use my Avondale car accident injury law firm or not, but I can control that I am in that market. I have a goal for how many advertisements I run. How my website is doing. I can make sure I am recording videos. I have created a budget for the business for savings and how much I take out of the business for my family. I have to stick that budget to keep me on track. I have identified what I want to do and where I want to spend and that is what I am doing. I have to be ruthless and stick to measurable metrics if I am to become the best Phoenix car accident lawyer in Arizona. 

I will write more about my journey in the next couple of weeks about becoming the best Phoenix car accident lawyer (I can be).