People With Fibromyalgia In Car Accidents

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Phoenix fibromyalgia car accident lawyer

People With Fibromyalgia In Car Accidents

If you have fibromyalgia you know that a lot of people doubt your struggle. They don’t believe you when they say you have had good days and bad days. They don’t know that your fibromyalgia can be debilitating and sap you of your energy. Leaving you confined to your bed or couch for the day, if you are lucky. It is even worse when you have fibromyalgia and you are a car accident. That is why retaining a car accident lawyer is so important. It is necessary for you to find a Phoenix personal injury lawyer who understands this pre-existing condition and knows how to tell your story so that it is credible and resonates with the fact-finder, be it a jury, arbitrator, claims adjuster, or judge.

People Simply Don’t Believe Fibromyalgia Exist:

There is a number of good doctors who simply do not believe that Fibromyalgia is a real condition. For some of you, fibromyalgia has ruined friendships, marriages, relationships with loved ones, employment opportunities, and is about to ruin your legitimate car accident claim. Not all Phoenix medical doctors agree on fibromyalgia. So it is very easy for an Arizona insurance company to find a perfectly reasonable medical doctor to testify about you and your accident related symptoms who doubts the existence of fibromyalgia. They can even go out of their comfort zone and find a new doctor instead of their stable of hired guns. Our Phoenix car accident attorneys also know that jury members are skeptical about fibromyalgia. That is why the presentation of the case is so important.

Phoenix fibromyalgia car accident lawyer

Fibromyalgia Suffers Need A Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer:

Think about it: your own family and friends roll-their-eyes when you speak about fibromyalgia keeping you in bed with pain. What do you think an insurance adjuster is going to do when they hear you try to relate your daily struggles? We know that getting out of bed is a challenge when you have an acute flair up, so missing a physical therapy appointment or two is just going to happen. If your Phoenix personal injury lawyer does not understand your pre-existing condition, he or she might leave you wide-open to a devastating cross-examination that you will never recover from. You need an Arizona car accident law firm staffed with car accident attorneys who understand fibromyalgia, not an army of paralegals.

We know that for some fibromyalgia suffers, just having someone believe in the existence of their ailment is more than half-the battle. Knowing that someone will not dismiss them as a whiner or maligner is key. Many fibromyalgia suffers have been forced to suffer in silence, not with our Phoenix car accident lawyers. We will work with you to regain your voice. We will discuss how we can best present your life to a jury so that they see you as the person that you are: a fighter and a survivor.

If you want to be represented by some of the best Phoenix car accident lawyers, do not hesitate to call 480-639-6080 for a free consultation. You will only speak with a personal injury attorney and never with a secretary, paralegal or some other fancy term for a non-lawyer. Call now 623-233-4416.

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