5 Things To Do After Your Personal Injury Lawyer Has Dropped Your Case

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There Are A Number Of Reasons Why Personal Injury Lawyers Will Drop Car Accident Clients.

Personal injury lawyers tend to provide legal representation to clients on a contingency fee basis. This arrangement means that they only get a percentage of what they are able to help you recover from the insurance company. Anything that puts that recovery at odds will be reason for a car accident lawyer to fire you as a client. If you have low medical bills and not many other forms of damages the case has little to no value. If the statute of limitations have run or are close to running that has no value to anyone either. Or if you are a nasty client that might be another reason a law firm will fire you. At the end of the day the Attorney-Client relationship involves people liking and trusting each other. No matter how good your case is, many attorneys will refuse to suffer abuse from an ungrateful or hostile client. 

First: You Need To Determine Why Was Your Cased Dropped By Your Injury Lawyer. Were You A Bad Client?

Accordingly, if you refused to listen to the legal advice provided by your legal counsel, then why even have a lawyer? Did you trust your uninformed opinions over the legal experience of your attorney? Did you call your lawyer’s office everyday asking about an update, when you have not even completed your medical treatment? Or did you yell at the lawyer or the lawyer’s staff. You need to see if you were the problem and not your case. If you were the problem, that can be corrected. You can eliminate the toxic behavior that you employed to get yourself into this situation. 

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Second: You Must Research Why You Hired That Lawyer Because Similar Personal Injury Attorneys Might Be Inclined To Drop Your Case Right Away. 

Did the chiropractor refer you to the lawyer that just fired you? Did you see one of their commercials on TV? How did you learn about their legal services? This is an important question that you need to ask yourself. If you went with a large car accident law practice that has a ton of paralegals and intake specialists, then chances are when you call another firm like that, they will take you on as a client. Then when the attorney reviews your file they might recommend that the firm terminates you as a client. The more times a client has been dumped by various personal injury attorneys the more the insurance company views your injury claim as having less and less value. It is crucial that you understand where you went wrong. You are most likely reading this article, because you were dropped and you are trying to figure out what your next move is. 

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Third: When You Call A New Law Firm You Need To Be Up Front With The Reason Why The Attorney Dropped You. Was It A Liability Issue Or Was It The Severity Of Injury. 

Liability cases involve a lot of expenses. The Defendant is going to have their defense paid for by the insurance company. They might hire an accident reconstruction expert. This expert will say that you caused the crash, unless your law firm pays to hire their own expert. If your damages are high, this is not an issue. However, if you have low damages and the personal injury lawyer has to accumulate a lot of costs than the case is going to be bad. If you just went to the chiropractor three times over four months no attorney is going to take that case, because the damages are just not high enough. So you need to tell the new firm, why you believe the attorney fired you as a client. If you tell them it is a liability issue, but you are willing to cover five thousand dollars worth of the costs, upfront then the attorney might be convinced to take you on as a client. This would be an example of a hybrid contingency fee basis. This way if you pay for the upfront cost of any of the additional costs associated with proving negligence an attorney knows you have skin in the game. 

Fourth: If You Are Still Treating You Need To Continue Treating So No Gaps In Your Treatment Exist. 

If you are still getting treatment when you get fired, you need to keep going. Your therapy bills and other medical bills are what create you compensable damages. In order to get fair compensation for the accident, you need to have damages. You need to follow the medical advice of your doctors to protect the value of your insurance claim. You might question why you are going to rack up expenses when you might not be able to recover them? The answer is simple: to get better. In my unbiased opinion,  based on over two decades of experience, people rather not be injured. The money is fleeting, the injuries and trauma are long lasting. You get medical treatment to get back to the same place you were or as close as you can, to right before you were involved in the incident. 

Fifth: You Need To Get Your Complete File And Demand To Speak With An Actual Injury Lawyer And Not A Intake Specialist.

Once you have been fired once, you cannot afford to be fired twice. The best way from stopping that from happening is having a free consultation with a licensed attorney who is authorized to practice law in your state. An intake specialist’s job is to sign you up as a client and then let the attorney determine if your case is worth pursing. On the the other hand, if you sit down with a lawyer and tell them all of the warts about you or your case or both, they can have an honest assessment of your case.