Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer Fees: The Truth

Phoenix car accident law firm
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Phoenix Car Accident Attorney’s Fees

I wanted to discuss the topic of Phoenix car accident attorney fees today. You see Phoenix personal injury lawyers charging between 29% to 40% to handle a car accident claim until trial. We charge 33% up to trial, because we have over a decade of experience of handling nothing but Phoenix auto accidents. Garrick A. McFadden, Esq. is a graduate of a top 20 law school (University of Southern California Gould School of Law) and he handles your claim, not an intake specialist or paralegal. Our Phoenix car accident attorney’s fees are centered around creating value for our clients. The best Phoenix car accident attorney knows that they can create or add very little to certain car accident situations. For instance, why should we get 33% when the person has a policy limit of $25,000.00 and you have day of loss medical bills of $18,000.00. This is a clear instance where the insurance company should pay you their driver’s policy limit. What value did a Phoenix car accident attorney bring to your case to justify 20% or 33% of the recovery? If you said, nothing we are in agreement with you. That is why we will work with you to find a fixed amount that makes sense for both sides to help you recover the extra amount.

However, there will be hard work to do in that situation such as negotiating your medical bills with your insurance company and the hospital. There is also the work of collecting all of the bills and records, reviewing them and then sending them to your insurance. Finally, a Phoenix auto accident might have to force a lot of pressure on an insurance claims professional who stonewalls and ignores the demand for the policy limits. The personal injury lawyer must be prepared to file a lawsuit to enforce your rights.

Two Interesting Phoenix Car Accident Attorney’s Fees Agreements We Have Done.

One client was pregnant when she was involved in a car accident in Scottsdale, Arizona. She need a car crash lawyer to represent her, but the insurance company had already offered her 8K. She did not want to lose out on 2.3K just by hiring a lawyer. Our Phoenix car accident law firm reviewed her medical bills, the mechanics of the accident and the facts of her claim and decided we could add enough value to take the case. So the deal we struck with her was that the first 8K was hers alone to keep. We would get our normal rate on every dollar after the first 8K. We were able to collect an additional 17K on her behalf. From three different insurance companies. We added value for our client and allowed her to keep what was hers.

Another situation, was where we knew that a pregnant woman’s claim was going to exceed most insurance limits in the state of Arizona. Our Phoenix car accident attorney recognized this and decided to arrange for a fixed rate, absent going to trial. Could this woman and her family do this for themselves? Yes, but it would take some time and would be a stress that she would not need to have. Accordingly, we came out to an arrangement that was very generous to her and her family and still allowed our Phoenix car accident law firm to pay the rent.


Phoenix car accident law firm

If You Already Got Money On The Table Maybe A Phoenix Car Accident Attorney Will Be Willing To Reduce Their Fees.

There are sometimes when a lawyer is needed to get the insurance company to hand over the last couple thousands of dollars. When you are searching for a car accident law firm and you have done most of the work negotiating a settlement, but you know a demand letter written on the car accident attorney’s stationary would connivence them to settle with you, we would suggest asking for a fixed rate flee. Our car accident law firm does that in cases where we believe we can add value. Call us at 623-233-4416