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Discount Personal Injury Lawyers And Their Army Of Paralegals

Phoenix discount personal injury lawyers equal an army of paralegals, legal secretaries, intake specialists, and other titles they make up to confuse you and comfort you to know that a car accident lawyer will not be handling all aspects of your case. While we worked for insurance companies and did insurance defense work, we saw too many times where the attorney met the client for the first time at the deposition. When you are testifying, the jury, the judge, or the arbitrator needs to feel a real connection between you and your Phoenix car accident lawyer. They need to know that what you are asking for is not all about money, but you are demanding your dignity. According to Arizona law, you have a right to be placed in the same position you were in before the car accident. So when we see Arizona car accident law firms questioning other law firm rates, we question why you don’t have more car accident lawyers handling your client’s cases.

With GAMESQ, PLC, Only A Licensed Attorney From A Top 20 Law School Will Touch Your Case:

That is Gamesq, Plc’s promise to our clients. You pay for a Phoenix car accident lawyer, not a paralegal. We charge a 33% contingency rate, which is industry standard. Still, unlike the Phoenix discount personal injury lawyers with their army of paralegals and other made-up titles for people who are not Arizona licensed attorneys to handle your case, you get an attorney who graduated from a top-20 law school handling your case. With GAMESQ, PLC, you pay us attorney fees, not paralegal fees or intake specialist fees, you are paying GAMESQ, PLC to make sure that every aspect of your case is known an d handled by your personal injury lawyer. That means that there is no loss of communication between the legal secretary, paralegal, intake specialist, law clerk, and whatever else they have before it gets to the Phoenix car accident lawyer handling your lawsuit. Four months before the trial, the fee goes to 40%. Less than one percent of cases go to trial in Arizona. If your case goes, GAMESQ, Plc seeks to add value to your case. Further, with GAMESQ, Plc when you tell your personal injury law firm something, you are acutely telling your actual Phoenix car accident attorney.

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It is during this period that a true rapport starts to build. When you meet us, we meet you. That means everyone can see if there is a good fit. You cannot fake chemistry. You cannot hide that a car accident lawyer and their client do not like each other. That is why we insist on meeting every client we represent in person, to determine if this will be a good fit where we can add value to your car accident case. Other Phoenix car accident law firms have an army of paralegals, intake specialists, and other fancy titles but do not have one-on-one attorney contact. GAMESQ, Plc provides that to all of our car accident clients. Further, when you meet with a personal injury lawyer, only a handful of them have graduated from a top-20 law school. That is the case with GAMESQ, Plc, our Phoenix personal injury lawyer: Garrick A. McFadden, Esq. is a 2000 graduate of the University of Southern California, Gould School of Law.

Injury lawyers

Can A Paralegal Get You Full Compensation For Your Car Accident Case?

Yes, if you have $20,000.00 in medical bills and the other driver only has $15,000.00 in insurance coverage. However, is the paralegal well-versed in the family plan doctrine? Do they know where to go to determine if additional coverage exists? Do they know how to write and argue a motion on the family plan doctrine? Many well-qualified paralegals might know more law than some Phoenix car accident lawyers, but not our injury lawyer at Gamesq, Plc. We know what claims professionals look for to award top dollar for your car accident. We have jury trial experience for car accident cases in Maricopa County, Pima County, and Pinal County.

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If you want an attorney to handle your claim from the intake to the disbursement of funds, then we are your Phoenix car accident law firm. We seek to represent clients in Glendale, Peoria, Phoenix, and other areas of the Valley of the Sun. How much should you pay a lawyer for car accident in Arizona? It depends on how much value they create for you and the level of personal service you receive. If you want to pay a discount fee and are comfortable with a paralegal handling your case from intake until your deposition, go with the other guys. If you want an Arizona licensed car accident lawyer to handle your case from day one until the end, then contact GAMESQ, PLC call 623-233-4416 for a free no, no-obligation meeting with a licensed Arizona car accident lawyer.