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Why Should I Sue For A Car Accident

Why Should I Sue For A Car Accident?

People hire a car accident lawyer to handle the fallout from a car accident for various reasons. Some people just do not want to deal with the insurance company. Others want to feel they have control of the situation by hiring a car accident law firm to walk them through the whole process. Some people hire a car accident lawyer after they feel the insurance company disrespects them with a lowball offer. In fact one Garrick A. McFadden’s Esq, first personal injury clients was a pregnant woman who was only being offered $500.00 over her medical bills. Did I mention that this beautiful woman was pregnant at the time of her Scottsdale car accident? She was so mad that that she was determined to hire the best Phoenix personal injury lawyer that she could find, and she choose Garrick. To us this was a no brainer, because the insurance company was not being fair with her. She did not want to hire a car accident lawyer, but her hand was forced. Garrick added value to her claim and put her at ease. Garrick even respected one of her wishes, which he was totally against…but she wanted to do it regardless. She wanted to pay her health insurance company back whatever amount they had requested from her. Garrick could have negotiated the bill, but this was her wish and was important to her so it was important to Garrick. GAMESQ, PLC’s lawyers listen and respect our clients.

Phoenix car accident lawyer
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There Are Just As Many Valid Reasons Not To Sue For An Auto Accident

People decide to hire a lawyer to sue for a variety of different reasons. Some do it to get more money. Some do it to get even for the person who caused the accident. Some do it because they enjoy the attention. Some do it, because they think that is what you are supposed to do when you get in a car accident. Why should I sue for a Phoenix car accident? We can’t answer that question for you. There are just as many valid reasons not to hire a car accident lawyer after you were involved in a car accident. Some people just want to put this behind them as quickly as possible. Some people have had bad experiences with the legal system. Some people hate attorneys or had bad experiences with personal injury lawyers. It is the last two reasons we want to address.

Our Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer Adds Value To Your Car Accident Claim.

We might not become best friends, but it is awesome when we really like you and you really like us. Garrick has become the most trusted person for many of his clients. We give you advice to the best of our ability. We think of things that you might have forgot. We never try to big-time you because we are lawyers and you are not. If you are thinking something that is not correct we will correct you. We wish we could say that we have never yelled at a client, but we cannot. We will take the time to explain to you what is happening in your case. We will give you sound legal advice and we hope that you respect it and follow it. Think of it like this, you know your job. So why should I come to your place of business and tell you how to do your job, when you have more experience? However, in this case we have your best interests in heart because what is good for you is good for our contingency car accident lawyers. We never hand your case off to anyone who is not a lawyer. You will spend time with us and not an army of paralegals, secretaries, their secretaries, intake specialists, medical records specialist, and other fancy titles for people who are not car accident lawyers. Why? Because your case is important to us and we want you to deal with the person who will be standing with you at trial and presenting your case to the jury. Most of Arizona’s car accident lawyers can’t promise you that a paralegal will never touch your case. Better yet, that anyone who is not a licensed attorney will ever work on your case. If you want personal attention from the person who is authorized by the State of Arizona to represent you at trial to be the only person to work on your case call 623-233-4416