Pregnant in a Phoenix Car Crash

Phoenix personal injury lawyer for pregnant women
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Car Accident While Pregnant

You Need A Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney With Experience:

Were you or your loved one involved in a Phoenix car accident while pregnant? This is a very stressful situation, waiting to go to the hospital to determine if you and your baby have been injured. While waiting in the hospital so many things are racing through your head- as you wait for the doctors to determine if you are stable before they perform an obstetric exam and ultrasound. Once those test come back normal, you are still not in the clear. You might experience vaginal bleeding and other forms of vaginal discharge. The intense minutes to hours of worrying about your child are taxing not only on the mother, but also on all of her loved ones. A Phoenix car accident attorney knows how to properly value these types of cases.

Phoenix personal injury lawyerOur Phoenix personal injury lawyers have defended and represented clients in car accidents where the driver was pregnant. Garrick McFadden has represented and defended many cases involving women who were in a car accident while pregnant for several years in Phoenix, Arizona and all around Arizona. He has learned that the concern a mother and her loved ones harbor concerning any ill-effects as a result of the car accident last until the baby is delivered, and has been pronounced healthy. If you were in a car accident while your were pregnant, our Phoenix car accident law firm is here to meet with you to discuss your options. That way any questions you have can be addressed by a licensed Arizona lawyer who understands car accident law, instead of a paralegal or an intake specialist. Knowing how to present your case to the insurance company or a jury is very important. You need a personal injury lawyer who knows how to convey your concerns.

What To Be Aware Of If You Were In A Car Accident While Pregnant?

Even though the jolt from a car accident might not be what you would consider a heavy impact, being in a Phoenix car accident while pregnant poses a range of unique considerations. Even though the impact might be slight, it could cause the placenta to detach from the uterus. This condition is known as placental abruption and is quite serious. Placental abruption can cause miscarriage, hemorrhaging, and even a premature delivery. Worse of all, this condition can occur without the mother experiencing any symptoms. If you or your loved one was recently involved in a car accident while pregnant, that person needs to get immediately seen by a medical professional.

Vaginal bleeding or unusual vaginal discharge can also signify that something is wrong. If this occurs, you need to immediately be seen by a medical professional. However recent studies have indicated that airbags are generally safe to pregnant women and their babies (click here for the study).

Hopefully, the mother and her baby were able to escape their Phoenix car accident with little or no harm. Having the insurance company provide you with fair compensation for the mental anguish you experienced waiting to learn if your baby was healthy can be challenging. If you feel that the insurance company has not properly valued your claim, our Phoenix car accident law firm are free to meet and discuss your options. On the other hand, sometimes being involved in a Phoenix car accident while pregnant can result in a miscarriage. It is during this difficult time that having a Phoenix car accident lawyer represent you and your family can be very beneficial.

Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer Free Of Charge:

Our Phoenix car accident lawyer can act as a shield between the insurance company and you and your loved ones. GAMESQ, Plc can counsel you and explain what your options are, please contact on of our car accident lawyers to set up a meeting. We never charge you to discuss your case with one of our car accident lawyers.