Arizona The 48th State

I was sitting around with other Phoenix personal injury lawyers talking about Arizona. After running for congress, I have learned to love Arizona in a way that knocking over 5000 doors can only teach you. I met so many people who live in Arizona and love Arizona. Here are some of the things that I have learned about Arizona.

We Are the 48th State.

Arizona was the last state to be added that is on the mainland. It became a state on 14 February 1912. I know they say Virginia is for lovers, but really? First, they got sued by the Lovings because it refused to allow a white man to marry a black woman. The Lovings with the aid of the ACLU took that law suit to the Supreme Court and they won. Now on the other hand, Arizona was admitted into the United States on Valentine’s Day. Now you tell me what is the better state for lovers?

Arizona Is One of the Only States Where A Black Person Was Not Lynched.

USA, Arizona, Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs Wilderness, The Wave, sandstone rock formation

This state has seen too many lynchings, but curiously not one black person has been lynched in this state. Lynchings were seen as justice to some and terrorism for others. Many outlaws took shelter in Arizona and they were ultimately found any murdered. The wild west mentality can be found today in many of the states residents. The way they ride horses around the wonderful parts of this state. The hiking that is done all over the state.

Yet, the question remains why is this state one of the handful of states that never had a black person lynched. It is unclear when blacks came to Arizona during the great migration. My family first came here around 1940. They came here on their way to California, in search of a factory job and fleeing the Jim Crow south. This state provided many opportunities that could not be had elsewhere.

The Wild Wild West Is Here:

Tombstone, Arizona is actually a real town in Southern Arizona. They have gunfights each day with actors playing the parts of famous outlaws and lawmen. The town is complete with a saloon and a general store. It looks like you are on a set of a movie. People go to Tombstone all of the time. I can’t wait to bring my daughter. I stumbled upon the town when I was going to Bisbee. I also love this part of the state. It is lush and green due to underground water that nourishes the land. You forget that you are in a desert when you drive to Tombstone.

Public Universities

Arizona boast three public universities: Northern Arizona University, Arizona State University and the University of Arizona. I am partial to ASU, because my wife and my parents both attended school there. My uncle went to UofA. Two of my friends transferred to NAU from Iowa, thinking that it was going to be hot everyday, only to find out what real mountain cold was like.

Arizona Is My Home:

It is a red state, but it has given women more chances at leadership than almost any other state. Two women senators serving together. A number of Governors and Secretary of States have been women. We are working hard to be the best state that we can be.