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Car Accident Whiplash

You often hear people speak about getting in a Phoenix car accident and having whiplash. However, what is whiplash? How long does it last? What causes whiplash? Why does it hurt so long? Is car accident whiplash serious? These are all great questions, and the best person to address these types of questions is a doctor, not a Phoenix car accident whiplash lawyer. However, here are some answers that we have learned from representing people who have suffered car accident whiplash.

What Is Whiplash:

Whiplash is when you are struck from behind, and your body accelerates backward, your neck stays the same, and then your body accelerates forward. This motion causes muscles in your back and neck muscles strained and sprained. A sprain or strain is tearing muscles of various microscopic degrees. The muscles in most of us are not strong enough in our neck to stop the force and stabilize our head from returning while the rest of our body goes forward.

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How Long Does Car Accident Whiplash Last:

Acute pain can last for several weeks in a healthy individual with no history of neck pain, neck instability, or spinal stenosis. Normally, the human body will heal from this injury over a period of six to eight weeks. However, in those first days and weeks, a car accident whiplash injury is really unpleasant. It downright hurts.

Why Does Whiplash Hurt For So Long?

You have numerous tiny (read microscopic tears) tears in your muscles that happen simultaneously. This causes serious inflammation, so imagine how difficult it is to stabilize your neck for any period. Movies, television shows, cartoons, etc., have all ridiculed whiplash and made people who wear cervical collars (neck braces) seem like no good lying, two-timing greedy individuals who are not injured. If you do not stabilize your neck, the injury will last longer.

Is A Car Accident Whiplash Serious?

It depends. For some people with pre-existing medical conditions, a car accident whiplash can be very serious. Moreover, not all car accident whiplashes are the same. Some car accident whiplash injuries might go away after a week. Some might go away after six to eight weeks. Finally, some might cause serious damage to your spine. A car accident whiplash can be very serious.

Contact A Car Accident Whiplash Lawyer:

Garrick A. McFadden, Esq.  is your Phoenix personal injury lawyer. He is your experienced Phoenix car accident lawyer, and he will assist you with your car accident whiplash. He will explain the process to you in a manner that makes the most sense, and when you have reached medical stability, he will start obtaining appropriate compensation for your injuries. To set up a free consultation with a licensed Arizona car accident lawyer, call 623-233-4416.

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