July 2019

Mind Blown

A Couple Mind Blowers

A Couple Mind Blowers In 1982 President Regan declared the “War on Drugs” however at this time only 2% of the American population thought drugs were a problem. Fast-Forward to 1986 and we have a new drug on the scene called Crack. The nightly news shows burnt out cities with black men getting arrested, doing perp walks, for crack. Reagan now starts bribing police departments with grants and military hardware. We now have the rise of SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) teams.These teams were designed for hostage rescues, but are instead used to serve no-knock warrants. It some jurisdictions the use of SWAT teams went from 2 times a year to over 392 uses of them. All to stop the spread of crack. 95% of all Americans when told to imagine a drug dealer between in the 90s they thought of young black male. Now here comes the mind-blower: more white people as a number and a percentage than blacks due and more white people sell crack as a percentage and as a whole. See The New Jim Crow for more information on this subject. Now, as a black man, learning this blew my mind. However, was this in some obscure blog, or a journal, or a crap website? No, this was actual data that was presented in a United States Supreme Court case that the SCOTUS agreed was actually true and correct. The case is Armstrong v. United States of America. Yet, because of the sentencing differences between crack… Read More »A Couple Mind Blowers