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My name is Garrick Arvin McFadden, Esq. And I am an experienced Phoenix car accident lawyer I graduated from a top 20 law school, the University of Southern California Gould School of Law . Very few Phoenix personal injury lawyers can say that. I know what you are thinking: “Yes, he is book smart but does he have the experience to get me fair compensation for my personal injuries?  Yes!!! I worked for one of the largest insurance companies as one of their in-house lawyers handling head injuries, bodily injury and all sorts of physical injury. I have been the primary car accident attorney on at least eight civil jury trials. I have represented clients in over 60 personal injury matters at arbitration. The damages in these collision cases had to be proven with evidence that showed why the person’s losses were justified. Many of these arbitrations centered around liability: who was at fault for the car crash.  I am not your average Phoenix personal injury lawyer: your attorney and me are not the same:

  • Graduated from a top 20 Law School
  • Primary attorney on over eight civil jury injury trials Practiced car accident law, exclusively, for over 10 years.
  • Licensed attorney in both Arizona and California
  • Returned over $3,000,000.00 to Phoenix injury victims.

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It Takes Time To Build A Personal Injury Lawsuit That Is Why You Need The Right Law Firm, Like Gamesq, PLC.

You will not get the compensation that you deserve if your personal injury lawsuit is not built correctly from the start. First, you need to get the right medical attention for your serve injury. This is how we make sure your damages are documented. Some law firms will send you to a chiropractor without even looking at the evidence. When you get the right medical attention you start to develop themes for your Phoenix personal injury lawyer case. I want to make sure you are treating with the correct medical provider for you. Usually, that is going to be your primary care doctor.  Second, I like to do a scene investigation have the client walk me through what type of collision occurred. I find this is the best way to understand the other driver. At the scene we can gather relevant evidence. You never know what piece of evidence will turn a case. I like to inspect the property damage with my own eyes. Many times the parties to litigation do not take the time to walk through the crash with their legal representation until it is too late.   Third, I like to start to build a paper trail. Special damages like lost wages need to be established early. If we are dealing with an unreasonable insurance company the paper trail allows us to prove what we need to get the correct financial compensation.  Fourth, I like to start talking settlement early and often. Your accident injuries might be too much for the negligent party to withstand. I like to communicate to the other party what your medical provider’s estimated charges are at any given moment. This is how we get maximum compensation from the other driver. We prove all of our damages: monetary damages as well as non-economic damages.

Fifth, once you have become medically stable I submit a demand to the other driver’s team. I create my valuation from my combined experience as a plaintiff and defense attorney. At this point in my life I have decades of experience in legal matters. My goal is to get a fair settlement for my client, the injured party. If we cannot get a fair settlement we file a lawsuit.

This is how I build a case at GAMESQ, PLC in order to get maximized settlements. 

How Do You Get Your Clients Fair Compensation For Their Losses? 

It comes down to building the personal injury lawsuit correctly at the intake. That is why I talk to personal injury victims instead of staff. No matter how caring staff is, they are not Phoenix car accident lawyers. If someone has suffered a severe injury I want to hear it from them or their family. I not only get on the phone with perspective clients during a, no obligation, free consultation but I meet them in-person. I study the Avondale police report to see if there are any clues about the case. I also instruct clients to deal with the emotional trauma that comes from a motorcycle accident.  My record of success is documented. I have represented people with a brain injury to people who were in rear-end collisions. Fair compensation is not given, it is demanded and earned through hard-work. The work that I do.

  • I have been a licensed attorney for the past 16 years.
  • I have tried over eight personal injury, jury trials throughout the state of Arizona.
  • I have returned over three million dollars to my clients.
  • I have worked for one of the largest car insurance companies as one of its defense car accident lawyers.
  • I offer free consultations by calling 1-623-233-4416
  • Graduated from a top 20 law school, the University of Southern California Gould School of Law (USC).
Phoenix personal injury lawyer
It is our aim to take care of everyone who has been injured or harmed by the negligence or intentions of others.

Insurance Companies Have A Team To Fight Personal Injury Claims And Many Injury Law Firms Rollover When They Challenge Liability, Not Our Accident Lawyer.

Many Phoenix personal injury attorneys are afraid to go to Maricopa County Superior Court and try a case. The idea of seating a jury terrifies them, not me. I know which attorneys are afraid of trial here in Phoenix, because I was a defense attorney. Some lawyers would beg me over the phone not take the case to trial. The idea of walking into Maricopa County Superior Court were not the legal services they had in mind. They do not want to do any type of legal action. In fact, you could see that it provided them emotional distress.

There are too many Phoenix personal injury lawyers who only want to do the initial consultation after an automobile accident than who want to fight liability on behalf of their clients. Garrick McFadden, is not that person.

It is common, in parts of Arizona, for the police-report to take six-weeks to be released to the insurance company, like Tempe Arizona . However, many people do not have time to wait for a police report.

Garrick A. McFadden, Esq. once represented a hard-working man who was living paycheck-to-paycheck. He could not afford to miss a day of work. Yet, as a result of his injuries he was not cleared to work. His people had no savings he could depend on. He needed Garrick’s skills as a car accident lawyer to keep him from being evicted from his apartment.

Garrick spoke to the insurance company and they told him that their driver was not at fault. He also ordered the bills and records from the hospital. With that in hand he did something most Phoenix motor vehicle accident lawyers don’t do : he drove to the scene of the crash, with his client, and inspected it for himself. He had the client inform him of what happened, to the best of his ability, and determined how this crash took place. Then he bought the client lunch and they got to know each other. Not as personal injury attorney and client, but as two people.

With this information in hand, Garrick was able to force the insurance company to accept 100% of the fault and award his client with the full-policy limit. (Once again, the famous personal injury disclaimer: your results may vary).

An experienced personal injury lawyer, like Garrick A. McFadden, Esq., knows how to create leverage to move a car insurance company to make the best decision for everyone.

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We are a black owned law firm.

My Loved One Was Killed in A Phoenix Crash, Does GAMESQ, PLC Handle Wrongful Death Cases. Yes, Garrick A. McFadden, Esq. Is A Phoenix Wrongful Death Attorney.

If your loved one was killed in a motorcycle or trucking crash , call us. We know that talking to a Phoenix wrongful death attorney is the last thing that you want to do with when you the sudden shock and grief of the loss of a loved one has accord. Yet, there is so much that an Arizona wrongful death lawyer needs to do from the start. Preservation of evidence letters need to be mailed. The lawyer and possibly an accident reconstruction expert needs to start inspecting the scene of the crash immediately. Witnesses need to be interviewed. That is the reality when your loved one dies in a car accident.Phoenix wrongful death matters requires an experienced lawyer like Garrick A. McFadden, Esq. Someone who has the political weight to make sure things get down quickly and timely. You need a wrongful death law firm that has relationships with experts. A wrongful death claim might require the hiring of a toxicologist , human factors expert, accident reconstruction, economist, and medical examiner just to name a few.

The insurance company is going to want you to quickly settle this claim, and that might be the right outcome, but an investigation must be performed to make sure that the settlement properly values the life of your loved one.

If you have lost a loved one, due to a Phoenix car crash, please call GAMESQ at 623-233-4416.

I Am Not Your Average Personal Injury Attorney. The Form Of GAMESQ, PLC Was Created To Win Against the Best Legal Team.

Attorney Garrick A. McFadden, Esq’s (GAMESQ, PLC) main practice is personal injury law , car accidents to be specific. Attorney Garrick A. McFadden, Esq. works on a contingency fee like most of the car crash attorneys in Peoria, Arizona. That means you do not have to pay GAMESQ, PLC any money, we share in the money that we get you from the auto insurance company. There is no outlay of money to our law-firm from your pocket. That way we never have to harass you for unpaid invoices. That way you can get the best legal representation for your personal injury claim. If your motorcycle crash took place in Peoria, Arizona you need an attorney who can travel there and do scene inspections, without you worrying about how much it is going to cost you. The more knowledge your personal injury attorney gains the more money they should be able to generate for you, because they will be better able to explain all the ways this accident and the resulting injuries altered your life.

GAMESQ, PLC works on a 33% contingency fee. However, unlike some Phoenix car accident lawyers he does everything he can to earn every penny of that fee, which includes scene inspections.

You can hire attorney, activist & advocate Garrick A. McFadden, Esq. without paying anything out of your pocket until your case has resolved. Sometimes the best things in life don’t cost a thing, until the very end. If you are looking for a black lawyer, Garrick is the person to hire.

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